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This would be the 4th post in the saga (lol) and it’s about Settings as promised. But before I continue, I want to say that everything here is optional so if you don’t feel comfortable messing with the settings, don’t do it. Or if you don’t feel like you need those or it’s not to the best of your interest or convenience, just skip ahead to the next section, etc.

We’re still working on this strip:

Now we’re moving on to the right side.

The first one is showing your name/nickname, of course, since I used my page to do the tut, it shows my nickname. If you click on this, it goes to your profile page.

I. 工具 = Tools

There are different tabs for this one and what you could do. The following sections will provide a breakdown of each.

A. 聊天机器人 = ImBot = Use to link different chat client accounts to your Weibo, such as MSN, Gtalk, UC, and QQ. (Though the QQ option isn’t active yet.) It’s more like adding a contact to your messenger than an actual link. The link, I guess, is to confirm that you actually requested the action through your account.

1. If you choose to link your Weibo account with MSN, click into the MSN icon and you’ll get this:

输入你的MSN账号 = Enter Your MSN account
账号 = Account # (aka enter your MSN e-mail address here or Hotmail address)
同步我的MSN签名 = Sync my MSN signature
接收对我的新评论 = Receive new comments via MSN
接收关注我的新粉丝提醒 = Receive notifications if I have new fans (or followers)
接收关注人的新微博 = Receive new posts from the people you’re following
接收我的私信 = Receive new private messages

If you don’t want to be notified of some of the things, just un-check the box. When you’re done, click the ‘Confirm’ button and you should get this:

Again, I blocked out the private information on purpose but you should get the idea of what it looks like. Your e-mail appears in the first black block. The words next to it “删除绑定” is ‘Remove Link’. So if you want to remove the link anytime, you can go back and click on that. Then the next part with the numbers are instructions for the next step. First, you have to add sina_t207@live.cn to your MSN as a contact. You should know your MSN messenger well enough to find the ‘Add a contact’ icon. After you paste the address, click ‘Next’, and paste the verification code into the message box and then click ‘Send’. Close out the box when it’s finished and wait. You should see a new contact called 新浪微博小助手 on your list. It’s Weibo’s Little Helper. In other words, an Imbot like it was indicated at the beginning. Nice? (LOL) SO, of course, this is all optional if you want to try.

Whether you choose to link for Gtalk or UC, it should follow a similar pattern as the above. (But if there’s anything else, hit me up and I’ll try to help as best as I can.)

2. If you choose to link your Weibo account with Google Talk (which has been transformed to Google Hangouts), click into the Gtalk icon and you’ll get this:

3. If you choose to link your Weibo account with UC, click into the Duck icon and you’ll get this:

B. 浏览器插件 = Browser Plug-ins = Incorporating Weibo into your Internet Browser so you would have access without needing to type the address in your address bar each time you visit. It’s like a bookmark but right there for you to click without accessing your bookmark and then scrolling around to find it. In other words, it’s a toolbar for your convenience.

To get started, here’s a better view of it:

新浪微博工具条 = Sina Weibo Toolbar

The second line is telling you that you will enjoy the quick access of Weibo through the toolbar after installation. The line in parenthesis lists the browsers that currently support the toolbar, like IE, Maxthon, and Firefox.

The line next to the FireFox icon is telling you if you use Firefox as your browser, you can go ahead and click the green button to install. (The button reads ‘开始安装’ = Kai Shi An Zhuang = Start Installation.)

See that strip popping up? Click on the ‘Allow’ to the far right side.

Click on ‘Install’ when this box pops up.

That box should pop up and depends on how fast your connection is, you could see it install and then it should tell you it’s done.

Now, the line next to the IE icon is saying if you use IE as your browser, click on the link to install. A window (or box) will pop up and you could click to ‘Save’. Make sure you know where you save to retrieve it. (If you want, scan the file before you click on it to install.)

Like any types of installation, it’s best to close your browser and open it again so that the new change takes effect. Or you could just leave it to work on your current tasks. (The next time you open the browser, you should see the change.)

Finally, the line at the bottom with the exclamation mark inside the yellow triangle reads “安装遇到的问题?”, which means “Installation problems?”, so if you have problems, click there.

C. 共享书签 = Shared Bookmark = This plug-in allows you to place a copy of the message box into your Bookmark toolbar so that you could send messages faster. Especially if you’re at an interesting website or page and you found something interesting so you want to share, you can just click on it and a message is already composed for you with the URL and all. (You can manipulate the contents however you want of course.) Then you can share the message and it will appear for others to read.

微博共享书签 = Weibo Shared Bookmark

So anyway, I’ll go straight to the instructions since it’s kind of fun but could be frustrating. There’s a little pictorial instruction below the page:

But I’ll show you what I did also.

So, you’re supposed to drag this button you see above to your bookmark toolbar. Place your cursor in the center of the box and then hold down on your mouse (left click) or you could also click on the left side of your mouse pad if you’re on your laptop. Hold it like that while you drag the button all the way to the top towards your toolbar.

See how there’s a light shadow or outline of a white box by the toolbar below the address bar and above the Search box? When you have achieved that or something similar, let go. (Oh yeah, if you hide your bookmark toolbar–like I do–Remember to go to ‘View’ -> ‘Toolbars’ -> ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ and it should show.)

There! You should be able to see the link now. If you click into it, a box pop up showing the message box similar to the one you see inside your Weibo homepage and you should be able to post directly without going to your homepage.

Like so…

D. 社区绑定 = Communities Link (I think?) = But anyway, this is actually the section where you link your MSN or 139 说客 account with Weibo.

If you want to link MSN, click on the green button to start. The line under the button is just telling you that you need to enter your MSN/Hotmail e-mail and password in the box.

So enter your info and then click ‘Connect’. After it processes, the box disappears and another box pops up, like this:

It’s a confirmation box that wants to make sure if you want to link that MSN account to Weibo. (I blocked the e-mail for privacy reason.)

确定 = Confirm (or ‘Sure’, Definite, etc)
取消 = Cancel

Another confirmation box, nice?

MSN绑定设置 = MSN Link Settings

Okay, I closed it by accident while exploring but it doesn’t affect you much since you should be re-directed to your own homepage and a new stamp should appear in your profile badge with an image of the MSN symbol. That’s when you know you succeeded. You could choose to share your new settings by clicking the link and it should transfer to your message box and you can ‘Publish’. Another way to check if you succeeded is go to your MSN homepage -> Messenger Social -> Add (it’s next to the ‘Connected to’ part) -> Manage my services. You should be able to see all the services you’re linked to, including the Weibo one.

If you want to remove the connection, just do it via your MSN homepage or find your way back to the Tools section and remove.

E. 关联博客 = Related Blog = If you want to link other blogs to your Weibo account, just add the link here.

Here’s a closer look.

You can see the choices by clicking on the icon:

新浪博客 = Sina
百度空间 = Baidu
搜狐博客 = Sohu
天涯博客 = Tianya
MSN博客 = MSN Space
网易博客 = 163
其他博客 = Others

When you link these pages or blogs to Weibo, it would post a short announcement on Weibo telling people you just updated so they could visit and read, etc. (It’s what I do to WordPress and Twitter link. Same concept.)

NOTE: Make sure you follow the format provided under each case or it won’t work when you submit. I had to do it a second time since I missed something. But here’s mine when it succeeded:

You could always delete the connection to the current link and put in another one. Just click on the link below.

F. 博客挂件 = Widget (or blog pendant?) = It’s used to display on your blog or page or whatever so visitors could see your activities on Weibo, just like how it works with the boxes they have for Twitter.

Closer? (I always have one…ok, most of the time…)

It’s a little different for each one for obvious reasons since each site various.

1 新浪博客 = Sina
2 网易博客 = 163
3 QQ空间
4 WordPress

Choose either Flash or HTML to go to the next page. When you choose Flash, you could see images among other things in the preview but if you choose HTML, every thing’s plain.

肤色 = Color = Click on it and you know what it looks like with the preview thing on the right. When you’re satisfied, move on to the next one.
尺寸 = Size = You might want to fix it or if it doesn’t matter to you, leave it. (宽度 = Width, 高度 = Height)
图片 = Pictures = You get to choose how to display it in the box
显示为缩略图  = Displayed as thumbnails
显示为文字链接 = Displayed as text links
The button’s text = 预览并生成代码 = Preview and Generate code

AND this is too weird, but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly in WordPress. But I see it works in other blogging sites already. Maybe I’ll tweak stuff around some more and then update the tut.

5 Blogblus
6 其他博客 = Others

G. 微博秀 = This is another alternative to the other one I guess? The difference is the interface?

We need to focus on the box to the left to change the layout and the right one would change automatically like the one above.

Let’s take care of the general skin first.

设置尺寸 = Set Size (宽=Width, 高=Height )
宽度自动适应 = Auto size adjustment (Tick on this if you want it do that when you plug into your site.)
外观方案 = Appearance
默认配色 = Default Colors
自定义配色设置 = Custom Colors Settings
自定义配色 = Custom Colors
图片内容 = Image Content
显示为缩略图 = Displayed as thumbnails
显示为文字链 = Displayed as text links

If you want to set custom settings, click on the radio dial or click on the tab at the top and it should show:

Have fun with it some more and you should see what it is by looking at the previews. (Yeah, kind of lazy now to write out everything since it’s getting near the end of the tut, LOL…)

Anyway, when you’re done with everything, just copy the code and paste into the code box of the site you’re at.

H. 签名档 = Signature = Even more attempt to share and/or show off your Weibo?

Looking at the options, sounds more promising since there are more choices and it’s more compact.

用途 = Use
论坛签名 = Forum Signature
邮件签名 = E-mail Signature
博客挂件 = Blog Pendant/ Widget
图片/其它 = Pictures/ Others

Choose one and move on to the next part.

Choose a skin and get it over with.
Then the final step is to copy the code and paste it into whichever place you want it to be.

I. 桌面客户端 = Desktop Client = As if having the page open is not enough for you… (LOL)

Cue: Getting into Salesperson mode: Crystal clear interface and slick skins. Compact design and easy navigation. Doesn’t take much space on your computer. Just one click and you’ll be able to access all your messages. All is within reach.

Are you sold yet? Need I say more? (JUST KIDDING…)

Anyway, easy installation for real. I just did it so I think you should be able to figure it out on your own. Up to you if you want to get that involved.

II. 私信 = Private Messages = Click on it will direct you to your inbox

Click on the green button to send a message.

发私信给 = Send To
私信内容 = Message/ Content

Notice the smilies/emoticon below. You could also include that into your message. Click on the button below to send.

NOTE: Do not forget that the message cannot exceed 300 words. (It’s the message below the button.)

III. 通知 = Notices = Click and you’ll see a similar picture

I’m saving the last two sections for next time though the last one is really easy. But the next part is ‘Account Settings’ aka really important stuff so I don’t want all these randomnesses to distract everyone from focusing on it.

NOTE: All instructions and images were written and captured respectively by DTLCT

IF you have questions OR are confused in any way, please post a comment.

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  1. @petri71 – Thank you for commenting. I already did the last post – if you go to the ‘Tutorial’ page in the link above, you should find it. But I didn’t include ‘how to delete’ part because since someone mentioned it before, I realized I couldn’t find it either. My best shot is to message Sina and ask them about it. I tried the ‘Settings’ section and then the ‘Tools’ but no luck regarding ‘delete’ option. When I find it, I’ll update. OR if they make it available somehow.

  2. Hi I would like to know how to delete it? and also what happens if i just leave it there and don’t use it anymore not even log in? i know you said you didnt had the info for “delete” but if you get something then pls tell ME. I would really apreciate it. THANK YOU

    1. @Bia – I’ll try to ask around with my friends who are still using it because I haven’t been active on it either. There might be some changes. NOT sure. In the past, it has been people trying to contact Sina directly to get their accounts deleted. But I’ll ask around and get back to you on both questions.

  3. I want to know where can I change the email I used for login because I didnt use that email anymore and Im afraid it sometimes it needed. So I need to change my login email with an active account. Do you know how?

    1. I’m not using the e-mail I log-in with either. It’s stuck like that. One of the disadvantages of Weibo. I kept checking back from time to time but still, it won’t let me change the log-in e-mail to my recent one. It only allows for changing of passwords. Still waiting until the day the admins would fix that – if at all.