Weibo: Introduction

It was about time I start making this post. (I sort of promised one of my friends I would do it for her sake, so here goes.) But this will be broken into chunks since there are lots to cover because of the ever-changing phase it has gone into these past months–if not more.

Weibo is sort of like Twitter. If you can handle Twitter, it would be a breeze. But there’s the whole language barrier for some people (myself included), so I hope the guide helps to some extent.

First, go to: http://t.sina.com.cn/

So you would see something like the above on your screen. Just a few things before we get started on the log-in and registration. I’ll start from left to right.  But before I get going with the boxes, see the small icon in the form of the speaker horn? (I forgot what the exact term for it or so someone please help me BUT  hope you got the point.) Anyway, that one is showing all the current hot topics people are discussing.

The words in the box above read: These people are using Weibo. This means that this box usually displays some random users on there so don’t be surprised if what is on your screen isn’t exactly like the image above.

Scroll down a bit and you see this box, which reads: Interesting people (or people who you might be interested in).

Now, back to the top, the one next over from the first box. This is the box telling you what everyone’s talking about as of recent. It constantly updates itself as you look at the page.

This is one is the box telling you the top 10 people with the most fans (or followers in Twitter terms).

Okay, back to the top aka top-right box. The most important box for the majority of the time. It’s the log-in box (the easiest to figure out). If you already created an account with a friend’s help or attempted to and succeeded, you could just log in by putting in your e-mail address (that you used to register) and your password. The box that is checked above is the one that would save your information for the next log-in. If you’re at a public computer, please make sure it’s unchecked. The words across from that box (the one to the right) is the one for Password Retrieval (if you have forgotten it). After you’re done putting in the log-in information, just click on the silver button to log-in. However, you could also log-in with your MSN e-mail address if you want. Just click on the words next to the MSN icon. If you do not have an account yet, click on the green button to create an account.

It should take you to this page. The words in red are just telling you that it would take 30 seconds to sign up and enjoy the leisure of fast communication, etc. Moving on, the boxes to the right are just telling you to log-in if you already have an account (by clicking on the silver button), Use MSN to log-in, and also if you have some sort of Sina accounts already, use it to log-in. Okay, back to the main section below the red words. The first box is to enter an e-mail address that you would like to use to log into Weibo. If you don’t have an e-mail address, click on the link to the right of the box, which will take you here and will help you create an e-mail account with Sina, etc. The link below the E-mail box is if you want to use your phone to post messages to Weibo. The second box is the password box so type in a password. The third box is confirming your password so type it again. For the last box, just type in whatever you see in that little color area you see to the right. If you can’t see clearly what it said, click on the link next over to give you a new code. After you’re done with everything, make sure the box is checked (that’s the usual user agreement) and click on the green button to create an account. If there are errors, it will tell you by displaying the usual red flag, etc. (If you run into these and are stuck for whatever reason, just post a comment below and I’ll try my best to help. You just have to copy and paste the error message for me to see.)

The next step? Check mail. There should be an e-mail from Sina (sina_service@sina.com) welcoming you to Weibo (titled: 欢迎加入新浪微博,一起分享新鲜事!). Check your Spam box if you don’t see it in the Inbox.

When you open it, it should look like something above. (Or if it has changed, I won’t know since I registered a while back.) But the basic information with telling you that your log-in is your e-mail and you have to click on the link to confirm your registration should be there. (I blocked out some information on purpose but you should see your e-mail and the full URL in the actual e-mail.) I don’t know if you would want to proceed from there but usually, after the confirmation, I would close out the page and go back to the main page to log-in again. (That’s just my habit.)

Anyway, I’ll stop here for now and continue next time for the whole navigation inside your own homepage, etc.

NOTE: All instructions and images were written and captured respectively by DTLCT

IF you have questions OR are confused in any way, please post a comment.

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  1. Hi there!
    Great job with the post! For someone who doesn’t know the language, your post is absolutely impressive! I’m actually looking forward to your remaining posts on weibo because to be honest, when I joined Weibo, I really didn’t pay attention to all the fields…I pretty much just login, add the people I wanted to follow, then check in and “stalk” people (LOL!)…
    Of course, it doesn’t help that I never use Twitter and am not even remotely familiar with it, so Weibo was completely new to me.
    Looking forward to the rest!

  2. @llwy12 – Thanks for your encouragement. I’m constantly learning Chinese to improve my understanding. But some things are easier for me maybe because I recognize some things that are similar with other sites.
    And I do the same with logging in and stalking, LOL! I haven’t fully explored all areas but while doing these tutorials, I managed to explore and get to know some other features as well.
    For some really weird reason, I didn’t really pay much attention to Twitter until recently. LOL!

  3. so can I comment even if I’m not confused? I usually use the google translator thing that always pops up on the top of the page (it comes with Google Chrome browser) and that is how I self taught. haha But of course, not everyone has Chrome so this is very helpful. Thank you for your hard work. You’re too generous.

  4. Yeah, you can comment. LOL! Thanks for it! And yes, I cheat at times with Google Translate too but I had to use other alternatives like looking at the dictionary, etc. to get a better understanding since sometimes Google Translate doesn’t make sense (to me). So yeah. Just thought I did it anyway.

  5. @Amy – What kind of settings? I have several tutorials that haven’t been posted yet so that might answer your question. But for now, if you’re trying to sign in, see this line “已有新浪微博、新浪会员账号?马上登录” on the top right hand corner? Click on 马上登录 to sign in. (‘Cause your session might already expired so it forces you to log in again.)

    1. If you visit some of the Weibo profiles, they’re opened to the public, so I can see them without having to have an account or log in.
      It’s not the case with http://weibo.com/yammag which takes me to a login page with an invitation code.

  6. @Amy – Got it now. IF go to “帐号设置” inside your top right navigation thing, you’ll see it. Then it allows you to change the settings accordingly.

    1. Went there, and to “隐私设置” but I can’t see anything that would set the profile for public or private views.
      U_U I’m hopeless. LOL
      Thanks for the help though.

  7. Hey there, I’m back. LOL
    I was wondering if I was the only one not being able to login to Weibo. It started a few days ago, Weibo just wouldn’t load at all – then, as it normally does, every three days or so… it would ask me to enter my password once again. But for the past two or three days, the “login” button just won’t work. Not even when I hit “enter” – it’s as if the javascript is void of any action.
    I tried getting to the Help section but it won’t even load T_T’

    1. @Amy – I don’t know what happened, but I do know what you mean. I got that like several times in the past. Somehow, I just ignore it and not access Weibo until several days later regarding how the pages won’t load. Yet about the log-in, sounds a bit strange. Did you update your java? Or maybe it’s just acting weird for a while. I’ll ask around to see if others are going through the same thing. Not sure if I could find the answer though.

      1. As weird as that was… now the button works. I don’t think it’s my java since other sites work with it fine. I have no idea what happened.

  8. @Amy – Yup, definitely strange. Did you clear history or your cache or scan your computer? Just wondering. Well, glad it works again for you.

    1. actually, it had nothing to do with the cache history because i tried with different computers. so guess it’ll have to come up again sometime… maybe its the connection xD

  9. Hi!!
    I was wondering how to disconnect my Weibo account from my msn account?
    Or how to stop my posts on Weibo appearing on msn?
    and can you please tell me how to delete a Weibo account please?
    Thanks <3
    and your posts have really helped me alot 😀

    1. @Raina – To disconnect your Weibo from MSN account, go to your MSN homepage -> Messenger -> Social Networks (drop-down list option) -> Connect Social network (tab) and scroll down to click on the link “Windows Live Services ” -> Manage my services. You should see all the services/apps you’re connected to. Click ‘Edit’ below the service and you can go into the page that allows you to ‘revoke’ the privilege of access. That should disconnect your MSN account from Weibo.
      How to delete Weibo? Haven’t figured that out yet. Might try to e-mail admin or moderator. That’s what I heard from people who had tried to delete it from the past. Sorry about that.

  10. Hi, I just started using weibo and I got it all messed up, 🙁 luckily I found your post and now I have figuring out how to get it done. Thank you for this. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting and glad it helped somewhat. Since Weibo has been changing its layouts and whatnot, so it could get confusing with some parts because I went by version 1. With the exception of the front page, the other layouts when you logged in has changed. Unless you have chosen to use the Version 1 layout instead of switching.

  11. Hi ! Can i know if there is any way to delete my weibo account? If not, what is the email address to email them and ask them to help me delete the account? 🙂

    1. I haven’t been on there recently and still don’t know if you could delete it via settings or not. Just a did a brief search and still no. But I managed to get the link for their help section so maybe you could ask other users that are more active on there? Here: http://help.weibo.com/
      Sorry, couldn’t help much!

  12. Do i have to pay to use a weibo account or is it just for vip members? and are you still unaware of how to delete a weibo account…

    1. You don’t have to be VIP member to use Weibo. And yes, I still do not know how to delete it via settings. However, I think there are some other active Weibo members who do not know how either. Possibly because it was made that way by Sina. OR something. Perhaps you will have to e-mail them directly to get that done.
      Here’s the help link again in case other members had figured that out already: http://help.weibo.com/

  13. hello 🙂 I checked your tutorial and I have quite a problem.. my verification email is broken :DD I had problems with recieving it, I tried a lot of email adresses and when it AT LAST came, I confirmed it and it said there was some error. I don’t know what to to!!! I don’t want to lose my account 🙁 Only 9 days left… Could you help me please? I can’t understand Chinese a bit. I am from Slovakia.

    1. Can you do a screen cap for what the e-mail said? Or like what the screen said for the warning/alert message? I can’t help if I don’t know what the message is exactly. You can use Photoshop or paint or whatever program you can find to block out sensitive info if you don’t want me to see it. If you give me an image of it, then I would understand better of the situation to help.

  14. Hi, I accidentally clicked on the VIP and now I’m a VIP which I do not totally want it, so how am I going to cancel this VIP ? Thanks . Please reply as soon as possible! Need your help

    1. Hi I just asked my friend and she told me that as long I didn’t key in any of my payment details , they won’t charge me and let me use the privilege of the services . Thanks anyway

    2. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! But glad you got your friend to help you. Usually, they would ask for payment details so if you never store any of that on there or authorize something like that in the past, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Another way to know if you’re a VIP or not is they will add a crown next to your name.

  15. hai.. I checked your tutorial and I have quite a problem.. Actually i can open my weibo but i can’t follow anyone,the caption from the page is:”your account haven’t been confirmed.check your email”. I had received email, I confirmed it and it said there was error.maybe since it had been 2 days so the verification email was broken/expired. I don’t know what to to!!! I don’t want to lose my account 😓 Could you help me please? I can’t understand Chinese a bit. I am from Indonesia.

    1. Go here: http://account.weibo.com/set/index?topnav=1&wvr=5#personalInfo_personalData
      It should direct you to your account info. The top one should be listing your e-mail. Do you see some sort of text or a link next to it? Like maybe stating unverified e-mail? (I’m not sure about this since I verified mine ages back so mine doesn’t have those text. But usually other sites like Twitter would have a message reminding you to verify your e-mail. They would even provide a link to re-send the verification e-mail.) That might help you. If you’re not familiar with the language or lost, copy and paste the text next to your e-mail here so I could check for you.

      1. 新浪微博

        1. Translation:
          Sina Weibo
          Your Weibo account has experienced some abnormality hence it has been temporarily frozen. You can use your mobile phone to re-activate it.
          Please enter your phone number:
          Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions, and overseas mobile phone numbers aren’t supported.
          Logout and use other Weibo accounts to login.

          1. My best bet is just creating another account and this time, remember to activate the account right away. Unless you want to go to Weibo’s help page and try to find the e-mail from the admin/person who’s doing support to get them to re-activate your account. That’s one of the the downside of Weibo.
            To be honest, I haven’t been quite active on it as much either. I wrote the Weibo tutorials like years back because some people were having trouble. The layout had changed a lot and some of the stuffs I’m not as familiar with either.

      2. I don’t quite understand but i received this email from weibo:
        : host[]
        said: 552 5.3.1 exceeded storage allocation[mda2] (in reply to end of DATA

        1. Translation:
          Dear User,
          We regretfully inform you that the messages you’ve sent to one or multiple recipents did not deliver successfully.
          Returned messages are attached. Please see attachments for details.
          Cause of error is due to, specific details are as followed (Error Causation Inquiries: http://help.sina.com.cn/i/90/152_2.html):

  16. hai. i want to ask u how to delete my weibo account ? i go to help.weibo website but i dont understand what it say. please help me.

    1. Hi, to this day, the only way that anyone could delete their account is by e-mailing Sina admins directly. Unlike some other social networks, that’s the downside of Weibo, not having the control of being able to delete your account. I’m sorry I can’t help since it’s out of my control, but what I could suggest is make sure to there are no important information displayed on your account, and just stop using it.

  17. its okay. btw thank u so much for ur helping. i will make sure not to display my information on my acc. thank u again ^^

    1. im sorry to ask u again. but what the meaning of pink item next to my name? i saw previous comment that it will be charge if u click the vip. but i just click it and do not do anything. but why the pink item just be there ? arghhh i just want to delete my acc 🙁

      1. What pink item? Can you do a screen cap? You can block out all other items within your account, just do a screep cap and just crop out the space with pink item so I get what you’re saying. The only pink item around the name area that I could possibly think of is the ‘gender’ identity symbol. BUT I don’t know, guessing here since I can’t see the image.

  18. gender ? it relief but it was crown next to my name. it mean that i have to pay? i dont do anything about it ? how can i upload a pic here ? bcos i didnt create blog.

    1. Crown? Okay, that says more. Um, the crown, if it’s faded out, that means you’re NOT VIP (like how it is with mine and others who did not pay, etc), it’s just there. If you’re a VIP member, the crown turns yellow.
      And regarding posting images here, do you have a photobucket account or some sort of account where you could upload pictures? If you do, upload the screen cap into the account and then post the link here for me to see.

  19. seriusly ? ur weibo acc also have the crown with faded out ? im scared to dead though that only me like that. i cant sleep think bout it. u help me a lot. thank u so much. i feel much better now.
    about the pic. do u have twitter acc ? i will add u.
    *sorry for my broken english jusy now 🙁

  20. Um, yeah. Don’t worry! LOL! There’s another way to be sure. As long as you didn’t fill out any type of information regarding credit cards or banking information on there, you should be fine. Because to become VIP member, you have to fill out information and pay before they could give you VIP status and VIP privileges.
    Um, my twitter handle is @DTLCT, but you could also go here for link: https://twitter.com/DTLCT

  21. Hi~
    Can you help me? I accidentally made myself a VIP in weibo. And ive done a research saying there was some payments needed for VIP account, Im really worried now T.T how do i exit as VIP member? And i dont know if i key in some of the payment details. I’m not that fluent in chinese. Please Help! Reply quick. Thank you.

    1. Hi! First off, Is there are VIP crown near your username or around it? It’s in the upper right hand corner where there’s a mini profile box is. Or if you click on your username on the top navigation bar (to the right side), it goes to show your profile in full. You can check it that way also. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a screen cap of your page and send it to me at my e-mail jd1202@gmail.com (so people commenting here couldn’t see your info).

    1. Yes, I know. They just changed their layout again. The one I did was from version 1. I haven’t been active on there and don’t plan on updating the tutorials any time soon. But thanks for commenting!

  22. Hi, I’ve been searching everywhere on how to close Weibo account, then I found this post. I wonder if they still didn’t provide the option until today? If so, could you help me out on how to email them?
    Sorry for my broken English haha. ><

    1. As of now, I still don’t know how to delete it except direct e-mail to Sina. I haven’t back there as much either except for the occasional browsing. But here’s the help corner: http://help.weibo.com/
      They might be able to help answer questions, etc. Sorry couldn’t help much.