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Wallace: The Mind Reader

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Just the other day, I was reading Wallace’s latest article translated by the awesome team on his Vietnamese Fan Page. Anyway, I was reading his response to Question #8 and I swear he nailed it. He said that the majority of the ancient dramas nowadays use idols style costumes but in an ancient setting. That’s what I’ve been trying to explain to others all these times but they don’t get it! Seriously, it has been like that recently. It doesn’t matter if people say the costumes and techniques for filming used are better and advanced now hence better dramas. I get it that the technology has helped reduce some work for the production team and less enduring hours at times, especially the BTS crew. BUT the whole feeling of the ancient realm, especially in a sense of wuxia and jianghu feeling, it had gone down. There are special exceptions, especially with those productions people think it’s boring yet it’s more consistent with the setting of those past times. So the point? I’m so looking forward to The Great Protector.

4 thoughts on “Wallace: The Mind Reader”

  1. When I look for a guzhuang drama to watch, I usually expect a good script, good direction and good acting that help me through each episode, or else I will just fastforward to the parts I want to see. In the case of Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 3 (Xian San), I only tolerated it for Huo Jian Hua and Tang Yan. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      Um, actually, I hated his stories in Xian3. Or maybe I’m not into the soapy stuffs like the majority. I just wanted to watch what was going on with the journey so I actually forwarded some of his parts. I still have to go back to watch the full drama later. But Xian3 is a different situation because it’s an adaptation from the games so it goes on a different scale for me. Okay, I must clarify that I do watch soaps, but I prefer it modern versus ancient, because I’m already wired way back when that ancient/wuxia ones are for fighting/mystery, etc. So yeah, maybe I’m the weird one after all.

      1. You’re not the only weirdo here. As I said, I only watch Xian3 to drool over Wallace’s looks, I can barely recall anything thing from the plot head scratching Btw, I’m looking forward to his new dramas, although I’m a bit skeptical on “Hua Qian Gu”, fairy, fantasy stuff is not my thing after all, but I might see it for him 😀