The Punisher: War Zone

Disappointment is an understatement for this one. Perhaps, it was because I was more used to the tone of the previous installment. I am not familiar with the comic so I can’t have a say in that matter. Yet it puzzled me the whole time what I was watching. According to the first one, it was more on the side of ‘revenge’ and the whole ‘taking it into your own hand to bring justice’, NOT the killing massacre that this one seemed to let on. Yes, this one was by far more violence, more brutal, AND a lot of gory scenes involved. Yet I had no idea why I was watching this at times (like said before). By the time it got to the point where Billy Russoti declared to the others that he was now  ‘Jigsaw’ and preferred that they called him by that, JJ had to helpfully jumped in and say, “This is sort of like the whole idea with Joker.” Thank you, JJ. I have another reason to feel the cheesiness of the movie. It was WAY more exciting in the action department yet I was not a bit impressed at all. Yes, I do see the trouble they’d gone through to achieve the effects of various scenes, but I was still too numbed or stumped even to appreciate it for its own right. Now it bugs me to the point that I actually want to hunt the comic down to see which one was more accurate. I wonder if ‘The Punisher’ himself was that fierce and to the point where he would risk his friends’ lives to get to the result? At times, it did not seem that way since he did not want the other two cops to be involved in the last fight YET he sacrificed Microchip to save the mother and daughter. OKAY…