The Importance of Being Earnest

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I just read this play recently and thought I write about it. Honestly, I would’ve never read it in a million years but thanks to my new Kobo (which included 100 free e-books so I was reading it just for kicks). Not that it’s not a good book. It was an excellent one at that and some more. But I’ve been allergic to classics since high school days, which we had to analyze every single piece the teachers found and some more. SO, of course, I stay away from those as much as possible.

Anyway, getting back to the book, one word–witty. I remember reading some of Oscar Wilde’s quotes and I really like it but never attempted any of the books. I’m glad I finally read it because of its heavy mockery and/or sarcasm dripping over the pages that it was extremely beyond hilarious. It paved the time the story took place and how much courtesy was required and/or expected of individuals–both male and female. YET the fakeness that was on the surface made it absurd to the point of unbelievable BUT those things probably existed. I have a feeling Oscar Wilde was mocking the whole ‘dramatic’ behaviors that often happened in plays too. The dialogues were clever and the scenes played out were way over the top YET it was a way to bring in the humor. I can’t say enough about it. BUT those who love a witty story would want to check this play out.

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