Father and Son: On the Subject

When returning on the actual subject of ‘father and son’ relationships, I think I could see that within the Zhao family–though they were not as wealthy as some people in here. Honestly, I’m sick of what was going on within the Li household that I couldn’t sympathize with Li San Yuan anymore. So when I watched some of the scenes with the Zhao family, I felt that they deserved the spotlight the most. It had been years already but they haven’t changed at all. Though they could always rise up, the father had kept it simple. He had admitted in not being able to provide a better life for his children yet they looked up to him and admired him greatly for his effort–along with their mother all these years. That was what was called good parenting on their part, not some BS talk. I guess this was why Zhong Yi rather hang around with the Zhao family at times rather than coming home. Though that wasn’t totally true since he wanted to go out and about, exploring other options, knowing that his brothers and sister were already in the company working and helping their father. Yet the pressure of being a part of the Li family was much more than anyone could take. It was already obvious with so many episodes thus far. It was always the pressure.

Anyway, to get back to the Zhao family, I would like to mention first regarding the scene where Zhao Da Pao discovered that his son, Li Da, was actually being assigned to do those hard labor work–even getting scolded on the side–instead of the office work he thought was to be assigned. Then he just left, wanting to save his son some face and called him on the phone to meet for lunch instead. Watching them trying to reassure one another and just getting through lunch was somewhat heartbreaking. Though we all understand how it worked with everyone having to start somewhere yet it was so sad to see how Da Pao was silently blaming himself for not knowing how to take better care of his son (aka not having connections hence the labor job instead of office job). Or like how Li Da was trying to cover up the whole thing, telling his father that he was really enjoying his job and that everyone was being so nice to him at work. And this was one of those rare times I didn’t mind people trying to cover up some things to save face. It was actually all out of concern for one another, not wanting either party to worry instead of the fakeness that was slapped around at times.

Then the part where Li Da volunteered to make a trip to the market in his father’s place was extremely touching as well. Though subtle but it showed that he wasn’t complaining or anything, still hiding the fact that he was far from comfortable at work. Then his father came down and helped him massage all the places that must have hurt like hell. (Sorry for the language but yeah…) The little exchanges between them were extremely meaningful, it really showed that Li Da never forgot what his father had taught them all. Of course, Li Da finally realized that his father knew what was going on at work and the old man had revealed the pain he felt seeing his son suffer like that. But Li Da took it into his hands to reassure his father once again that he finally had a job so he should be grateful, etc. And indeed, Li Da was definitely looking on the bright side since most of his other classmates didn’t even have a job so he was better off with having some type of income flowing in. After all those serious talks, it was somewhat hilarious to see how they were fighting to carry the bags, LOL! Ah Da didn’t want people to say that he was not a filial son and his father didn’t care about what others were saying. A nice scene to dispel the somewhat sad atmosphere. What was even funnier was one of their neighbors yelling out that they could each carry one instead of keep arguing over it, LOL!

There was also the interaction between the father and Li Xin. Li Xin still held a grudge with Li San Yuan because of what happened between him and Zhong Hui. But because of his father’s concerns, he didn’t stir anything up. However, he still worked hard to prove himself that he would one day rise above his current status. Yet at the same time kept a kind heart because of what his father had taught them since young. He wanted more than anything to let his parents live a better life, mostly because he was the oldest son and felt the great responsibility, but also to prove to others he could take care of his family. But his old man, of course, wanted him to be happy. Their conversation that night after Li Da’s wedding showed that he knew what was going on and it was still on his mind throughout the coming episodes each time someone brought the subject up regarding Li Xin and Zhong Hui. Once again, Da Pao was blaming himself for not working harder so now his sons and daughter had to suffer. Yet like Li Da, Li Xin did not blame their father, but the eyes of those who only saw what was on the surface, not by looking at one’s heart. I thought that was great since oftentimes, the sons would end up blaming the father for not having enough wealth causing them to be looked down upon by others. But indeed, both Li Xin and Li Da appreciated their family very much and could only use their own capabilities to prove themselves.

Being the youngest daughter of the family, Jia Jia was very sweet and down to earth like the rest of the Zhao family members. However, she hadn’t appeared much yet aside from at Li Da’s wedding so nothing else could be said of her personality. Yet I have to say she looked cute with Zhong Yi. But it would be too ironic to end up in the Li family, right? I seriously want to see more of her though since it would be more refreshing and possibly a break from all those other dramatic parts.

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Father and Son: The Grand Portrait

The drama started out with a grand gathering of the Li family among family, friends, and other employees of their company. It was the company’s anniversary event so of course, it was grand. The night started off with an exotic dance of the Can-Can and moved to some uplifting songs sang by the special guests. The introduction of the major characters was squeezed in during those performances as well as after. The Li family consisted of six members. The head of the family and also the chairman of the Ming Yang Enterprise (名揚企業) was Li San Yuan (李三元),  portrayed by Zong Hua (宗華). Li San Yuan had five children, four sons and one daughter.

Li Zhong Ming (李仲明), the oldest son and also the general manager of Ming Yang Enterprise, was portrayed by Shen Shi Peng (沈世朋). Though highly regarded at the company, his 5-year relationship with Yang Ruo Shui (楊若水)–portrayed by Chu Xuan (楚宣)–hadn’t been acknowledged by his father. He wanted to use the opportunity of the important night to publicize their relationship but was rejected by Ruo Shui. That caused a little argument between them hence the delay in coming to the hotel. In the end, Ruo Shui agreed to accompany him anyway–after exchanging her somewhat rouge outfit for a more sophisticated and appropriate one for the occasion. (Yet that little agreement on Ruo Shi’s part was only to get Zhong Ming to the event.)

Li Zhong Hui (李仲慧), the second oldest among the five siblings and also the only daughter–portrayed by Fang Xin (方馨), was married to Lin Dong Jiang (林東江)–portrayed by Song Yi Min (宋逸民). She could be considered as the typical obedient, punctual daughter who was seen by her father’s side from the beginning–and covering her brothers’ tracks for them as their father got worried about the time of their arrivals.

Li Zhong Qun (李仲群) was portrayed by Fu Zi Chun (傅子純). Being the second son and the one in the middle of five siblings, he was suave and laid-back. From his actions and smooth-talking skills, he seemed to be a ladies’ man. Though there were underlying meanings to his words at times if one was not careful. Extremely charming and lovable during such a grand and lively occasion yet could be so unpredictable if one was not cautious. He made a grand entrance with a beauty, performing a little dance as one of the songs was being performed on the stage. But his carefree side was just a coverup for his attitude and suppressed anger. Though it could be seen that his sarcasm still surfaced from time to time, especially with his remarks regarding Zhong Hua’s future mother-in-law.

Li Zhong Hua (李仲華), portrayed by Chen Yu Feng (陳宇風), was the fourth in line but the third son of the family. He appeared extremely patient and was very gentlemanly upon his arrival at the hotel with his fiancee Wang Ya Fang (王雅芳)–portrayed by Ye Jia Yu (葉家妤)–and future mother-in-law, Liao Mei Jun (廖美君)–portrayed by Zhu Hui Zhen (朱慧珍). However, he seemed to have no patience for Zhong Qun’s smart remarks.

Li Zhong Yi (李仲意), portrayed by Tang Feng (唐豐), was the youngest of the family. He didn’t appear until episode 2 because of the relevancy of the story but was mentioned when Li San Yuan was interrogating Zhong Hui and Zhong Qun about his appearance. We know that he loved freedom and didn’t want to be tied down (aka associating himself with the company–or so it seemed at that point).

Those who wants more exciting information and/or description should go here. I’m just listing things according to the story so far.

On the surface, it seemed like the Li family was a model family that everyone should be jealous with, but there were hints here and there that they did not get along that well–or at least with some of the siblings. Moreover, they were covering their own problems with their little smiles–like any typical family would. Li San Yuan seemed to be a person with strict discipline and expected nothing more than perfection from his children. Yet he somehow just had to abandon his principles–unwillingly of course–because of the differences among his children. Not to mention their relations to different characters in here. Just one night, but we could see their personalities revealed. Honestly, among the siblings, which one gave Li San Yuan the most headache? The oldest son was with someone he didn’t approve. The daughter’s husband seemed to be some unreliable guy (who didn’t even show up for the grand night). The second son’s clique of friends was somewhat too wild to his likings. Zhong Hua’s future mother-in-law aka his future in-law was an inconsiderate, attention-getting woman who wanted to steal their important night’s spotlight with her schemes to lure in more customers by distributing her business cards to everyone she could find. With all of those aspects combined, it might just be a blessing that the youngest son didn’t show up at all.

What else? The rivalry between Zhong Ming and Zhong Qun was brewing as well. Though it might be kind of one-sided since Zhong Ming was hard-working but not as competitive as Zhong Qun. Or was it because he had already had the position made out for him with being the oldest son that Zhong Ming didn’t feel threatened by his brother? Perhaps Zhong Qun could not be blamed for wanting to prove himself either because he was always the second in line for important matters. A fine example would be Li San Yuan’s decision to let Zhong Qun come up if Zhong Ming didn’t appear that night. It was always the ‘if’ that would drive Zhong Qun crazy. Things seemed secured when Zhong Ming was still nowhere to be seen and Li San Yuan stepped on stage to speak, but Zhong Ming made his entrance, causing a change in moods for Zhong Qun when he saw his brother. Always a step behind was not a good feeling, right? Imagine standing there next to your father on stage already and having him announce your brother’s name instead. A slap in the face indeed. Yet Zhong Qun was intelligent and composed enough to keep it all in and clap his brother on. But it was obvious with his reluctance when the camera shifted over to him as his father handed the microphone over to his brother. Then his father had to turn around and whispered to him that having his brother speaking was good enough. Nice? It was almost like saying: GET OFF THE STAGE. Another slap in the face. But it seemed to be an open joke already among Zhong Qun’s so-called friends. The sympathy look on Zhong Hui and Zhong Hua’s faces showed that they did understand Zhong Qun’s feelings. (So maybe the somewhat hostile exchange between Zhong Qun and Zhong Hua was just a joke between the two?)

As if there weren’t enough complications already, Zhong Ming was also fighting a battle with himself. Like the character description said, was he going to choose the crown or the beauty? And people thought the phrase was so ancient with those dramas where the king/crowned prince had to choose between the kingdom/empire versus the beauty/love? Think again. It was a never-ending cycle as long as there was civilization. Regardless of what Zhong Ming chooses in the end (after Heaven knows how many episodes there are), the message Ruo Shui left for Zhong Ming was so touching. (The typical sacrifice but I’m such a sucker for it.)

The car ride home revealed even more with Li San Yuan and his driver’s conversation. His driver, Zhao Da Pao (趙大炮)–portrayed by Lin Yi Fang (林義芳), seemed to be his best buddy more than just a driver. The two had this conversation regarding the siblings–without being afraid that they offended one or the other. Being a father too, Da Pao could sympathize with his boss. But of course, Li San Yuan had even more problems because of his large family. The intensity heightened at the Li resident, with the major characters coming home from the celebration. As expected, a confrontation took place between Li San Yuan and Zhong Qun. (Hey, the old man did say that Zhong Qun could say all that was on his mind aka his opinion of his old man.) And was Zhong Qun right? Was Li San Yuan’s favoritism causing the suppressed anger within Zhong Qun and the result of the competitive nature with wanting to prove himself? (But it was later revealed that Li San Yuan had done a lot to help Zhong Qun from behind the scenes yet Zhong Qun didn’t know it. SO it wasn’t like the old man was totally at fault. Time to pull the generation gap card out, LOL!) Whatever was said and done, Zhong Hui and Zhong Hua were definitely the peacemakers of the family because they tried to step in and interfere before things escalated even further–or tried to tone down the situation by providing a reason for others’ actions. (But Zhong Hua was seriously a pushover.)

What is this drama going to be about really? (Aside from what was already provided on the information page to set the stage for the drama.) It is probably a drama about a typical wealthy family fighting for power and/or seeking their right position in life. Then the cliche love rivalry, or other problems that the writers could cook up. By the looks of it, they’ll definitely find ways to stretch this out. With so many characters involved and how much their personalities clashed already, it could go on for a looooong time. Yet,  I don’t mind for once since it might be worth it after all. Even with some really annoying characters around. (They are the driving force to the plot, right? Causing troubles so the main people could deal with it, LOL!)

Until next time…

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Father and Son: Cast

Okay, I’m back for another update because FTV had already set up a page for the upcoming drama. (If you want their blog page, click here.) This post is to confirm the cast (obviously). So who’s in so far?

According to Rookies’ Diary’s Facebook Page, some of the drama’s cast will be in the upcoming ‘Father and Son’, which are:

  • Li Xing Wen. We need our Lian Zhang, right?
  • Shen Shi Peng. Most of what we see of him in Rookies’ Diary is the yelling parts or the intense scenes so can’t wait to see him in a different role.
  • Tang Feng. Need I say more? He’s still spotting somewhat of the hair from RD (as most of the cast) but has exchanged his uniforms for suits. Hope not too overdone, lol.
  • Fu Zi Chun. Another comedic role? Well, according to some trailers.
  • Ah Pang. Didn’t realize he was also in it at first. But can’t wait to see what he’s portraying in here either.
  • Qian Jun Zhong. His hair’s coming back (or at least for the time of the filming).
  • Ye Jia Yu. Can’t wait.
  • Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu. YES! I thought she’s occupied with different events for a while but glad she has another one. I don’t care how small it might be. Just glad she’s in something else.
  • Becky Chang/ Zhang Jia Xin. Can’t say I was amused by her previous role. But I’m willing to see another one.
  • Lin Yi Fang. Lai Hu’s father (if anyone was getting confused with all the names). Saw him in one of the trailers.
  • Ah Gan. He was seen in one of the photos Tang Feng posted on his Facebook.

Pairings. Nothing locked in so far, at least from recent trailers, except for maybe one. But I can have a little fun just based on the RD pattern?

  • Qian Jun Zhong and Zhang Jia Xin. I saw a clip of them shooting the wedding scene. Lively scene and they looked great. I found it interesting that she was getting married again in here. This dress fits her better. (But like I said before, it was possible that the one in RD was made to tear apart, unlike this time.) Anyway, they do match from what was shown thus far. Can’t wait to see actually.
  • Fu Zi Chun and Ye Jia Yu. They’ve been in a few dramas together now–with RD being the most recent (and they also paired up). Well, I’m not sure about the past since RD was my first drama of them. So I wouldn’t mind them pairing again.
  • Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu? Just saying? LOL! I’m sure there are other girls in there and it’s a slim chance since he’s one of the main guys and she might not be one of the main girls. But I could always dream. LOL!

Anyway, fun guesses aside, this is another one of those meaningful dramas. At least from the trailers so far and various clips. I wouldn’t mind and so looking forward to it. But it’s going to be a challenge since it’s time to read my eyes out of whatever that is I could read because most of the dialogues seem to be in dialects so far. Some of the interviews were in Mandarin though. But either way, it would be fun to learn more. So who’s ready?

No pictures this time ’cause I’m lazy to hunt around in my stock and place it in.

Rookies’ Diary: Episode 27

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Kind of cheating on repeating some scenes. But I guess it was trying to build up to the climax once again.

So while the others were searching desperately for him, he was going through flashbacks and thinking how he couldn’t go on anymore.

And the incidental scene we saw in the previews. For a person who wants to die, he sure is strong. YES, he was persistent with wanting to die but honestly. Lucky An Bang was persistent and quite strong as well to maintain his grip that long. Since Bo Wen was wiggling like crazy before, wanting An Bang to let go. Um…instead of yelling for An Bang not to let go, why don’t the rest of the population go find some other alternatives? Not standing around and yell. Oy, hectic all right. Darn, Luo Gang and Hai Sheng came on time BUT not really since it was kind of too late. The drop! I swear, I thought they were just trying to make it hectic and then somehow the other two or someone would eventually come and help everyone up. Yet the fall occurred. And before things revealed, I had a feeling An Bang was the one who had his head bang. Darn! And I guess his sacrifice wasn’t all vain since Bo Wen finally realized how many people were worried for him. Oh yeah, now even Jing Wen know that An Bang and Luo Gang are related. (And the information was passed onto Bi Ying. This secret was starting to get out of hand…though it wasn’t exactly a secret.)

PHEW, he’s all right. Of course he can’t die ’cause he’s the main guy. BUT I thought they would intensify the whole situation and make it like the other soaps where everyone would cry ever so dramatically, etc. And was he right-handed or left-handed? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since he has no choice but to use his left hand in this situation.

Bo Wen looked like he was serious about it–and won’t repeat such a foolish thing again. Hope so. He looked like he thought it through. Well, who could repeat it after knowing everyone was so worried? And not to mention how An Bang was almost gone trying to save him. It was strange hearing An Bang confessed that he has been through lost love in the past before. Just strange. ‘Cause we’ve been seeing him as the tough, serious pai zhang the whole time.

So Hao Zhi managed to get a hold of You Shun and convinced him that they were worried for his father’s well being, etc. I guess after Bo Wen’s attempted suicide, it didn’t matter anymore regarding the other event. Or was it just Hao Zhi’s nature to worry for You Shun? Either way, I knew it would get resolved. They were friends after all.

So Hao Zhi’s on a mission to beg Xiao Yan to make a trip to You Shun’s house to check on matters. Oy, she’s still mad. She has every reason to since she was lied to in the past. Hao Zhi was all heart, coming up with every reason possible to cover for You Shun. (And I guess it’s true to some extent or Hao Zhi has too much faith in You Shun. YET I got deceived again, thinking there might be something to look forward to with her and Wu Yong…oy…) Xiao Yan was considering things over…we’ll see.

Oy, more dramas. I said in the past already, won’t comment on the political parts anymore. So just hope it will pass soon ’cause I want it to focus on the soldiers more. But will say one thing: Poor Ding Hao.

What in the world are they doing? Ohhh…they were actually playing out the scene according to directions (sort of). But they were way too over to be convincing. They argued in front of Ding Hao? Brave all right. Ding Hao’s always so forgiving though. Oh…Shan Ren and Wang Wei get to play the scene instead? LOL! GREAT! But before we get to see Shan Ren and Wang Wei’s performance, others were carrying on side conversations. Lai Hu was trying to reassure Luo Gang about An Bang’s well being while Shi Jun was explaining to Hai Sheng about Ding Hao’s intention in letting others played out the scene.

And I thought Da Tong was WAY over. Look at Shan Ren. Exaggerating much? Anyway, they were bringing up possible problems the soldiers could be going through with Shan Ren’s words while Wang Wei was informing them about all the help they could get–without having to go through the problems alone or even think of ending their lives. Despite the bizarre way of presenting the problems and resolving them, Shan Ren and Wang Wei were so funny at the end, especially with how Shan Ren was saying he didn’t want to commit suicide anymore and Wang Wei hugged him and patted his head, muttering, “Good, good.” (Sort of like soothing a child! LOL!)

So news traveled back that both parties were all right. (Actually, Sheng Nan reported it to Ding Hao and Ding Hao told the others.) That was funny that Wu Yong was making the comment about Mo Gui Pai Zhang and the others were chiming in. YET not funny that Xiao De Ji and his gang were saying those stuff. That was cruel. Lucky Ding Hao directed the conversation back to the relevant topic. After some more instructions, they were left to ponder matters for themselves. (Eh…they kept teasing us with the tune–like I said before. When in the world are they going to play the song? Don’t mind me, I’m just impatient.)

So one of the fastest ways to get noticed or get some attention was to commit suicide–and then failed. JUST KIDDING! I know it wasn’t funny but now everyone know him. Well, they were following the directions and wanted to show their care for Bo Wen so he would realize how many people worry for him to not repeat such. Hope some parties wouldn’t ruin it for them. Well, even if they would, he wouldn’t consider suicide anymore since after what An Bang went through for him. And I thought Xiao De Ji would sabotage them first but Tian Bin had to get all curious about it! Darn! Serves him right for getting hit by both Hai Sheng and Wu Yong. What in the world was he thinking? Though he didn’t mean it.

And it was just the two of them again, talking over matters. Bo Wen definitely scared the world out of Hai Sheng all right. (That song about friendship was playing in the background. It was also in the soundtrack. Suitable for such a situation.) Good thing that they got it all sort out now.

No wonder they wanted to see the show. Xiao De Ji had to carry out his sentence so the guys got a chance for revenge. And they missed? Tian Bin’s suggestion, great idea! LOL! Too bad it hit Shan Ren! They were so dead! That was messed up though! The other three pointed to Lai Hu? LOL! Poor him BUT it wasn’t all wrong. Can’t believe it. So much for good brothers. Yup, Shan Ren’s not dumb. Of course, he could figure out that it wasn’t just Lai Hu. The result?

Yup, they were punished for not admitting their wrongs. Too bad that Xiao De Ji get to laugh at them. Oy…the price they pay for taking on a little revenge. Be more careful next time? Maybe…

Moving on after a round of dramas. They were learning new things again, of course. Lai Hu was the first to get scolded this time. Must admit he’s a genius though. Thinking he could jump down with fewer risks, LOL! OMG! It got better since Lai Hu asked Shan Ren for help but he doesn’t want to. Then Shan Ren couldn’t get out because his hat couldn’t squeeze through. When he asked Lai Hu for help, Lai Hu gave the same reply! LOL! But then he had to help anyway. That was the difference between being a soldier and a superior. Okay, Shan Ren wasn’t so heartless since he tried to help Lai Hu BUT it was really hard. He was really stuck. Uh…what possessed Lai Hu to take the short cut in the first place? So it’s high but he should’ve done better estimates. Poor Shan Ren, almost died trying to help Lai Hu. Next in line? Da Tong! Oh yeah, Da Tong had the fear of heights! Xiao De Ji was just a chicken. Da Tong ran like mad! But he bumped into Sheng Nan instead. I guess that was worse. But she told him a way to conquer his fear. (Sort of…not too bad…) Seriously, now we see why Xiao De Ji loves picking on others. That way, they couldn’t see his weaknesses. Will Xiao De Ji seriously learn after that lecture? Have to wait and see. Unlikely since it’s just awhile. And Ah Hou’s just so funny. He was freaking Shan Ren out, LOL!

Perhaps a lot of things we’d been seeing were from Bo Wen’s point of view so it seemed like it was hopeless and how she was hiding stuff from him. Yet it wasn’t like she was heartless or anything. It was just Bo Wen’s interpretation. It was good to see how they finally came to terms and how Bo Wen realized there were still many things in this world that he hadn’t seen or done. And how there were many people caring for him. Like he said, his world didn’t only have her, but a lot of others too. A peaceful closure at last.

A celebration should be called for since Bo Wen’s a new person now. At least he finally saw through everything. And Hai Sheng’s once again reassured. Nothing like Hai Sheng’s encouragement, right?

Da Tong wanted to use the whole suicidal incident to their advantage by saying that Hai Sheng was the one who jumped? BUT luckily Hai Sheng turned Da Tong’s idea down. He did not want to use Bo Wen’s situation as a joke. Great for him. Giving him even more points. He could prank someone, but not go to the extreme of using his friend’s situation to benefit himself. He abandoned Da Tong? He had to find out that Da Tong already lied about the person who jumped. Eek! Da Tong deserves that hit. So what if Bo Wen’s okay now? Didn’t have to play that joke on Yu Ting. It’s not funny.

Okay, one of the scenes in the preview. So that was the reason why Hai Sheng trusted her so much to drink it. He thought it was Da Tong making Yu Ting worry hence not wanting her effort to go to waste. Yu Ting, of course, knew Da Tong was lying so she had prepared a little of her own specialty for Hai Sheng. Just to teach him a lesson. Too bad he drank it for real…eek! She did look so pitiful and honest. So of course he fell for it. Aww…that was a nice and slick confession! No one could pull that one off except for Hai Sheng. (And the song played in the background helped. They were so into promoting the soundtrack! LOL!)

And that was it for this episode after the talk between An Bang and Bi Ying.

Guess what? They changed the ending theme for the show, which turned into the first song of the soundtrack! Yay! Cool! Or is it only for this episode to present the MV? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode. Never mind, the ending song is still ‘I Believe’ since the previous was just presenting the MV. They just didn’t show the previews. But we could see some upcoming scenes when they play the ending theme anyway.

BTS. Always love those. And this time, we’re rewarded with seeing how they set up and shoot the attempted suicide scene. Eek! A lot of precautions but still nerve-racking. No stunt doubles? Beat that! And poor Ah Pang, had to endure the pain with the water balloon part. Eek! How many take was that?

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Rookies’ Diary: Episode 26

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

So they were trying their hardest to master the latest routines that they learned. More high blood pressure time for their trainers. Oy…poor those superiors.

So the story unfolded. Shan Ren was telling them about how there was going to be some filming around there. They got all excited but Hai Sheng turned his smile off upon hearing about Tian Xin. Of course, he would since his buddy has been depressed about it for a while now. Yup, he pulled Bo Wen aside to ask about his well being and if he could handle if Tian Xin was coming. Nice response, but we all know he’s just trying to reassure Hai Sheng–and Hai Sheng knew it as well. Oy, hope it’s only this one episode. YET they were playing that tune in the background. Anyone caught it? It’s the song that Zhao Jun Ya sang for this drama. It’s in the OST. Don’t know when they’re going to play the actual song and not just the tune. Maybe waiting to use it for Zhao Jun Ya?

Back to trials. Lai Hu’s so careless. No surprise. Eek, poor Shi Jun. And I knew Xiao De Ji wasn’t going to change anytime soon. He was just looking pitiful so the others wouldn’t kick him out YET. Da Tong dared to use Hai Sheng’s phrases to get back at him? Oy! They were going to be defeated because of him? NOT that it was that big of a deal since it was a matter of performance and practice. But seeing Xiao De Ji’s arrogant face just makes it ten times worse.

Shi Jun’s condition. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious. He’s so hard-working.

Now I know why Shi Jun’s freaked out. His old man sure is tough. YES, some of the things he said made sense and I do understand why he believes things should be more strict. But there are other things to consider as well.

Oohh…the confrontation…and tension building. Oy, the typical drama. The father always worries about the son yet usually scold when he sees the son and not utter some words of caring. Afraid that the son might be too spoiled or rely on the father too much to grow up? Yes, I was right. He was just worried for Shi Jun but it sucks also that he doesn’t have confidence in Shi Jun to pass.

So the monkey show is on. I meant the filming is finally commenced. No Bo Wen. Might be better since it would be even more awkward. Kind of weird though. I meant shooting a drama inside a drama. LOL! What? Those people were asking for signatures? Oh well, they’re guys so whatever. No one could stop them. Not even Shan Ren since he wasn’t around anymore. Well, at least Hai Sheng and Wu Yong weren’t going up to her for signature, right? (To sum it up, their group didn’t go up there or Hai Sheng would kill them.) Well, Xiao De Ji got it good. They sure got a kick out of that. But Shan Ren was lurking around and waiting for the moment to yell at them again. (That was sort of creepy since I thought he was gone.) Man, Chen De Lie sure has eyes that could melt people. ‘Cause the way he was portraying those scenes with Bo Wen looking so sad was just too pitiful. Makes one sympathize for his character. Even the director acknowledges those eyes. (LOL) Hai Sheng’s so funny! (And gotta love him for being so supportive and wanting to help Bo Wen get out of the sticky–AND super awkward–situation.) The director thinks he’s kind of unusual? (Try crazy.) What? Bo Wen accepts? OKAY!

Oh yeah, Luo Gang wasn’t in the group either. It’s hard to believe that An Bang’s a maniac (sort of) with the others yet he’s so patient and gentle toward his brother. And seeing how Luo Gang has the upper-hand at times. (Sort of.)

Nightfall and there were several things going on, some more worrisome than others. You Shun got permission to leave and tend to his father – who has been hospitalized. Then there’s Hai Sheng and Bo Wen’s conversation and how Bo Wen’s trying to reassure Hai Sheng that he would be fine with the shooting the next day.

Hai Sheng and Shi Jun’s late-night talk. Shi Jun sure got Hai Sheng this time. Well, it was an accident. Poor Hai Sheng’s leg. But it wasn’t anything serious–this time. (And Hai Sheng thought it was Shan Ren at first. It would be funnier if he thought it was some ghost, LOL!) A change to see these two talk–aside from the usual only confiding to people within their own groups (the ones they came with, not the recently formed group).

Yay, they were moving on to new things. Two guesses who would add more headaches for the superiors. Poor Bo Wen! I hope Lai Hu doesn’t end up wiping out the rest of his comrades before he succeeds in learning the techniques. Made sense to give Shi Jun a break. Poor Shi Jun, being so hard on himself. (Hey, they were using another song from the soundtrack. Cool!) Da Tong was actually awesome? That was funny! I thought he dropped something or made a mistake. But they were putting him on, LOL! Eh…Tian Bin’s actually not tian bin anymore? (JUST KIDDING…) Well, guess everyone has their weakness. Shan Ren wouldn’t mind giving him a break on that one. (Kind of.) Oh, it wasn’t so hopeless if they couldn’t succeed with the first method since there was another one – with the help of their comrades. Lai Hu’s happy again. And there was also a third method. YAY! Looking hopeful. (Another song from the soundtrack in the background.) Yay! Teamwork and everyone were clapping Lai Hu on…or more like relief before they were all wiped out because of his recklessness? And they were teasing us again with that song by Zhao Jun Ya, only playing the tune. Maybe not time yet? But definitely using the songs at the right time–and great timing for promotion too, LOL!

Wu Yong was sure showing his loyalty toward Bo Wen, still ranting away about the other dude. Yup, day two of filming and even Luo Gang joined in. Well, thanks a lot, Hai Sheng. He said they didn’t have to call Wang Wei out to PK the other dude, but even Shan Ren could beat him (in looks and talents)? LOL! I wonder if that’s a compliment toward Shan Ren or an insult. Geez whiz. Okay, why was Bo Wen going upstairs when the shooting was like right there? And they were setting up their equipment and stuff so it looked more like they were filming since the previous day with one guy carrying the camera was a bit fake. Was Bo Wen going to commit suicide for real? He seriously is looking like it since the part where he was looking at their room and was thinking. And then there was the whole lurking in the distance and spying on Tian Xin and the other dude. AND going upstairs sure looks super suspicious.

YUP! He’s up there. The suspense is killing me! Gah!

And they’re sending a search party out for him, which also marked the end of the episode.

Previews…oh shoot, they shot the water balloon at Shan Ren? Accident but still. They dodged but wonder if Shan Ren saw them. Two guesses. Eh…more troubles for An Bang… Yu Ting’s payback time? Hai Sheng actually drank it. Well, almost. Yup, Bo Wen jumped but lucky An Bang went with his instinct and got there on time. Or it seems like it since he managed to catch Bo Wen’s hand. Hope the others come on time to help. Or An Bang could pull him up.

*All images were captured by DTLCT