In Love, There’s No Wrong Party by Jacky Zheng

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Song Title: In Love, There’s No Wrong Party (愛情里沒有誰對誰錯)

Music & Lyrics by: Tu Ba (巴圖)

Bold = Chinese
Green = Pin Yin
Royal Blue = English
Teal = Vietnamese

我還來不及 做好準備
wo hai lai bu ji   zuo hao zhun bei
I’m almost done with getting ready
Tôi xém chút nữa đã chuẩn bị xong
約定就己經開始 作廢
yue ding jiu ji jing kai shi   zuo fei
The date almost started yet got canceled
Cuộc hẹn hò sắp sửa bắt đầu mà lại bị hủy bỏ
都說愛情是 彌足珍貴
dou shuo ai qing shi   mi zu zhen gui
Everyone say that love is extremely precious
Ai cũng nói rằng tình yêu rất là trân quý
現在感覺里 只有苦味
xian zai gan jue li   zhi you ku wei
At the moment, I could only feel the bitterness
Bây giờ cảm giác được chỉ có vị đắng thôi

可是我不會夜夜 流淚
ke shi wo bu hui ye ye   liu lei
However, I wouldn’t shed tears nightly
Nhưng tôi cũng sẽ không vì vậy mà từng đêm rơi lệ
雖然偶爾也 痛徹心扉
sui ran ou er ye   tong che xin fei
Although, sometimes I would still experience heartaches
Tuy rằng thỉnh thoảng tôi cũng cảm thấy rất đau lòng
緣盡了你走了 無法回頭
yuan jin le ni zou le   wu fa hui tou
Fate has faded, you’ve departed, there’s no turning back
Duyên đã tận, em đã đi, không thể nào làm lại từ đầu
我要努力學會 無所謂
wo yao nu li xue hui   wu suo wei
I will work hard to act like nothing happened
Tôi sẽ tích cực học làm như không có chuyện gì

就這樣就這樣 忍住傷悲
jiu zhe yang jiu zhe yang   ren zhu shang bei
Just like that, repressing my pain
Cứ như thế rồi lại như thế, cố nén nỗi đau thương
也許會也許會 感到疲憊
ye xu hui ye xu hui   gan dao pi bei
Perhaps, that’s what led to feeling fatigue
Có lẽ như vậy rồi lại như vậy mới cảm thấy quá mệt mỏi
再給我花開花落 一個輪回
zai gei wo hua kai hua luo   yi ge lun hui
Let me experience the cycle of flowers blossoming and wilting once again
Hãy cho tôi thêm một lần nữa thể nghiệm cảnh hoa nở hoa tàn
你就會在記憶中 慢慢消退
ni jiu hui zai ji yi zhong   man man xiao tui
You will fade slowly from my memories
Em se trong ký ức của tôi mà từ từ phai nhạt đi

不再想不再想 誰是誰非
bu zai xiang bu zai xiang   shui shi shui fei
Don’t think about who is right and who is wrong
Đừng nên nghĩ tới là ai đã đúng và ai đã sai
愛情里並沒有 誰對誰錯
ai qing li bing mei you   shui dui shui cuo
In love, there’s no wrong party
Trong tình yêu, không có ai đúng hoặc sai
再給我春去秋來 一個輪回
zai gei wo chun qu qiu lai   yi ge lun hui
Let me experience the cycle of spring departing and autumn arriving once again
Hãy cho tôi thêm một lần nữa thể nghiệm cảnh xuân đi thu lại
我就會化繭成蝶 飛得更美
wo jiu hui hua jian cheng die   fei de geng mei
I will turn from cocoon to butterfly, flying away beautifully
Tôi sẽ từ kén biến thành bướm và bay đi một cách tuyệt đẹp

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Yuan Qing Ge by Jacky Zheng

I totally forgot about reviewing this until I drew up my task list. This was actually one of the most worth-buying albums during my crazy buying rampage to search for new singers to add to my collections. NOT that he’s new, not implying that, just saying that I can’t believe I’m wasting time on some others while I should be listening to him.

1.  An Overdue Love Letter (過期的情書) – This song sinks in around the 3rd or 4th time, I must admit. I wasn’t thinking much of it at first, just a typical lost love song. But I really liked the lyrics when listened to more carefully.

2. Why Heartlessly Hurt Me? (怎麼會狠心傷害我) – For some reason, it only caught on with me after the last verse. Sad case but it was too morbid for me. (YES, coming from me who have been going on the ‘morbid’ route for a while now.) It was also on the ‘whining’ side too much for me to endure as well.

3. Blissful Lovers (幸福戀人) – Featuring Shen Dan Dan (沈丹丹) – Sweet, hopeful, cute song. I enjoyed it while listening. (If only my morbid mood would allow me to enjoy it more.) I actually quite liked it after paying careful attention to it.

4. Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的時候說愛我) Cantonese Version (粵語) – I started out by listening to the Mandarin version from someone’s MV so it threw me off when I was listening to the Cantonese version. Not to mention, I felt the Mandarin version had a better flow. NOT saying anything about his singing, just the way it flowed well or not. Maybe I’ll just have to go back and listen some more to enjoy it for its own version. I felt it was kind of cool listening to the Mandarin flowing in along with the Cantonese for two sentences though.

5. In Love, There’s No Wrong Party (愛情裏沒有誰對誰錯) – Featuring T.R.Y. – This took a while for it to sink in for me too. I liked the descriptive words used for the situation. Kind of flowery and in a way, wasn’t too bitter (hence the title). Sometimes in life, it wasn’t about the whole scorekeeping with ‘who was right or who was wrong’, etc.

6. Waiting (等) – Kind of bitter and you have a feeling like someone’s really torturing himself with the wait. (Yeah, the title, I get it, but just saying.) Call me ‘love to torture myself’, but I really liked this song. It was really catchy and contained this thick sadness but it wasn’t too heavy either. Not sure if it was the way he sang it or the music. Of course, it was obvious he was suffering from the situation described, but it was less of a burden than some of the songs in here.

7. Don’t Say You Love Me When I’m Feeling Lonely (不要在我寂寞的時候說愛我) Mandarin Version (國語) – Okay, now this song really got one thinking. Was it pity? Sometimes one just needs to be alone and work things out, NOT have someone else come along to try and comfort when it’s just all about the ‘pity’. There’s empathy and there’s empathy. But seriously, sometimes when someone else tries to do ‘good’, it ends up getting way more complicated. I don’t know how many times I repeated this song, but it was A LOT. It wasn’t just the theme that got me into it but also the lyrics used. (Interestingly enough, it was from the same team who wrote track #2 but this one was just different.)

8. Love You Once (曾經愛過你) – Another sad song. This is probably my 3rd favorite song, minus the talking in between the singing. (It’s not picking on anyone here. I do make exceptions for ‘talking’ during the song, but most of the time, I just don’t like it. Though I know it was relevant in this case.) Anyway, wonderment about what went wrong after a breakup or why the relationship didn’t work, etc. But not too bitter into the blaming game since there were considerations of both sides.

9. The Story In The Song (歌中故事……) – He suddenly went all ‘powerful’ in this song. NOT that I’m saying his voice isn’t strong enough, but it was like he was going on a ‘stronger’ vibe, sounding all ‘tough guy’ for this one, lol. A very straightforward song with how all of us go through the same motions in life, whether with emotions or experiencing certain things. Though it’s true and I get it, but not really into it. But it was indeed powerful.

The last 3 tracks were of the instrumentals for tracks 7, 3, and 5. It’s good for your own recording purposes. Other than that, I didn’t feel like listening to them, not really, lol.

Other thoughts? I actually got this album for track 7 but ended up enjoyed the other songs as well. A good deal for me. It was just some album arts and then the singing, straightforward, no ‘gimmick’ to try and lure one in.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT