On The Set: Part XVI

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QQ (thinking): What’s happening to me these past days? Always thinking of strange thoughts. Maybe I need a vacation after filming wraps for this drama.

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TF: Qiao Qiao, why are you standing here alone? What’s wrong?
QQ: Nothing.
TF: Let’s go inside then.

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QQ: Why are you standing so close? Don’t you want to sit down?
TF: You have this strange look on you. It’s…you like me, don’t you?

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QQ: What?! You’re crazy!
TF: Your face is turning red.
QQ: It must be the hot weather.
TF: They have AC in this room.

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QQ: I’m not talking to you anymore! I’m going outside to wait for the others!
TF: You just admitted it!
QQ: You’re annoying!

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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