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On The Set: Part IX

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QQ: Why are we here?

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TF: Just to show my sincerity and regret of my past behaviors, I’m going to make it up by purchasing you anything you want here.

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QQ (thinking): Hurray! New clothes and I don’t have to pay for it.
TF (thinking): Yes! This will make her happy so she won’t leave. Then I can carry out my master plan of grilling her with all my helpful tips! Victory! I can’t believe I came up with this brilliant plan all by myself.

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QQ: Hey, could you tell them to get all the ones over there too?
TF (from the background): Oh great. I should’ve thought of the consequences when I said ‘anything’ like five minutes back.

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TF (thinking): Maybe I should cut back on my other expenses for the next several months to make up for it. Let’s see, which ones should I cut back on? I guess I don’t need cable that much since I’m not home that often anyway. I either spend time filming or hanging out with Chen Yi or the others. Maybe I should cancel my house phone too so those annoying paparazzi can’t get a hold of me. The agency can get a hold of me through my cell phone. Wow, this isn’t so bad after all.

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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