The Unexpected Gift of 2020: Jacky and Cyndi Singing Together

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Yes, this was sometime last year, but because I sort of muted Jacky on Instagram so I didn’t realize that he–like half of the population–got on TikTok, Douyin, and other similar apps and/or websites to show off their singing skills while the pandemic was raging on. I have to confess also that I sort of stopped following Cyndi on social media, so I missed most of her albums and other activities, except for when her mutual friends posted.

Anyway, the point? Someone, please get these two together and release an album of them. I don’t care if they sing remixes like how it was in this video clip singing one of her hits “When You” (當你). They could alternate between both of their collections, lol.

They complemented each other so well together in this clip that I wanted more. I think it’s because his voice is deep and strong and hers is soft and sweet so they sounded awesome together. I’m addicted, lol.

Also, do I sense a fanfic coming? (Joking here because I still have ba-zillion stories I haven’t finished yet.) Talking about that, years ago, I was so mad at some stuff in Heaven’s Wedding Gown that I wanted to write a fanfic and fixed some details or at least have some of the same cast but write my own version of it, like an inspired one. I wanted to make Ying Ai Qing’s god-brother so that the bullies would stop going after her and possibly scare the world out of Zi Hao’s arrogant father too. LOL! Childish, but it was seriously frustrating. I ended up scrapping the idea because it was like giving them more attention than I have time for. So yeah. Funny how they collaborated again after so many years. This time, singing. I only remember them singing in various J-Star songs together, but not just the two of them. I could be wrong since I wasn’t following them actively the first few years of the formation of 183 Club. It would be cool to see them collaborate more though.

I actually have a thought that they could sing “Heaven of Love” (愛的天國) together. That would be epic. I heard that some mainland China production team wanted to do a remake of Heaven’s Wedding Gown. Know what would be cool? Have Jacky and Cyndi sing the ending theme, which is the song I mentioned above, and see how it goes. Because it would be their own mix, their new version.

As I was working on this post though, I thought of something else. When I mentioned fanfic, I was just joking around. But by the time I got to the end of the post or was trying to finish it up, I have another idea. The only way I could work them into the story and somehow have them end up together is to have them end up together in “The Dating Game.” That would give some of the characters a heart attack, especially Wallace–maybe. But like I said, I feel like living on the edge lately. Not to mention I’ve been stuck on Jacky’s ending for the longest time. So yeah. By the way, part 8 is posting right now so give it some love, lol.

2020 Recap

Okay, it’s over but, of course, we would be deceiving ourselves if we think that would mean all the troubles of the previous year were gone by some magic barrier of time or something. So, I’m just going to recap all of the positivity that happened this past year. Because there was enough of the bad news already, right?

First off, Qiaoru announced their happy news at the beginning of the year. Many friends and fans sent them well-wishing. It was indeed a shocker to some, but all in all, it was a piece of hopeful news for the beginning of the year. (Click here for specific translations of the news.) Oh yeah, for all Qiaoru fans who stuck it through, we got bragging rights, eh? LOL! (Kidding!)

Then right on April Fool’s Day, Ehlo chose that eventful day to tell us that he got married like in 2018 already. Congrats to him for dodging the paparazzi for so long. Leave it up to him to announce it on his birthday, right? Ehlo’s wife is Cai Yi Zhi (蔡ㄧ支). According to her profiles, she’s from Hawaii, but I can’t confirm other information, lol. They’re sooo cute, by the way. I saw some of the interactions he posted and I laughed so hard. They’re a match made in heaven all right. Also, they’re one of those people who created an Instagram account for their dog. Not judging, lol. I enjoyed the posts, lol. They adopted the dog in 2019—according to the profile information and named her Bao Zhu (寶珠). The funniest thing was that Jacky had called Ehlo “Yu Rong Ge” in his congratulation clip to the blissful couple. I know we all know Jacky’s younger than Ehlo. But for Jacky to not try and gain an upper hand with Ehlo? Was it the effects of 2020? Or because I missed something?

By June, news broke that Ming Dao had become a father. He, of course, got married already. He also hid it well from the paparazzi. Team 183 Club 2, Paparazzi 0. To be honest, I didn’t know about the news either. But Leon posted a congratulations message on his page, so I went hunting for news, lol. I went to stalk the other 183 Club members too and they also congratulated Ming Dao, of course. Jacky even bragged about how his prediction came true that Ming Dao was the first one to have a kid. Anyway, Ming Dao got married in 2019. His wife is Wang Ting Xuan (王婷萱). She was a member of a band called KISS. I went and searched around a bit and saw that the group disbanded already. Oh yeah, to be fair, the paparazzi did catch them before and asked if they were dating and they replied that they were just friends, lol. I’m all for people who deceive the paparazzi. So, my previous declaration about the scores stands. Regardless, congrats to them once again!

Aside from those, Jun Ya launched his YouTube channel to share his various adventure trips called Sergeant Will Take You There, which was a reference to his role in Rookies’ Diary. (It was a while back but I just didn’t have time to go check it out yet.) They’re both informative and fun to watch. For example, there was a segment where he filmed with some of his close friends, which included Ehlo, Derek Chen, Kurt Chou, Kai Hsu, and Liang Zhe. (Click here, here, and here to check out the clips.) What was really funny about the first clip was them performing the intro to “Enticing Trick.” The final reveal was Ehlo because he had his back to the camera initially. It was a funny one because they messed up on the band’s name when they tried to introduce themselves. Derek scolded them for getting it wrong. It was hilarious and brought back a lot of fond memories of 183 Club in general. Also, it was really funny that when they introduced themselves, they were disclosing their heights. Kurt even disclosed his weight. Derek made a comment about how he should just disclose all his measurements as well, lol. (Probably hinting at how they would disclose their measurements during beauty contests, lol.) What got everyone hysterical was how Ehlo said he was an actual member of the 183 Club band, but he was only 178 cm. (Again, I love him! But that was hilarious!) Everyone picking on Kai because he was the youngest, lol. Not really, but Jun Ya was making a comment about him being young and being able to beat the challenge, lol. Hey, it wasn’t Kai was going to take it from them, because he called them “elders” at various points of the segment. (Click here if you want to watch the whole challenge at one go from Kai’s channel. Since it’s his channel, he would be the main narrator of the clip. Also, he misplaced his GoPro during the third waterfall jump and had to go back and retrieve it later. If you watch Jun Ya’s version, you couldn’t tell the difference except there was a pause and they were yelling about it and weren’t able to find it. He went back later with another diver and they managed to locate it at last but, of course, since the GoPro sank already, he wasn’t able to record some of the later events after his own jump.) The weather was cold the time they were there hence their jackets. Jun Ya disclosed Ehlo’s marital status in the second clip, but I guess if anyone who watched wasn’t paying attention, they didn’t realize it or thought the guys were joking. This clip was loaded in December 2019, so it was before Ehlo announced it in April. (Someone has a bigger mouth than Jacky, lol.) Anyway, those were really fun episodes to watch and I won’t spoil it anymore. So enjoy!

Regarding YouTube channels, Derek Chen had launched his awhile back (Xiao Lie’s Cook Show) but I didn’t bother updating so this is a back update for several of them. It’s a cooking channel, mostly, and the first video was loaded six years ago, but I think he either forgot about it or the circumstances of last year hence him getting back into it more actively. (Go here if you want to check it out.) He and Jun Ya are actually closer than some of the others so there was another outing that they did together. (Go here for Derek’s version, here for Jun Ya’s version, and here for Xiao Fei’s version. The other guy talking during the challenge is Xiao Fei, he has his own channel also. They were doing another cross show. It was another fun watch.) Anyway, I remember a clip that Jun Ya shared like awhile back and how passionate Derek was about cooking and his pro tips. So both guys not only shared their adventurous side but also their cooking skills. Jun Ya referred to Derek as “Chef” on many occasions, so it was his own acknowledgment of Derek’s talent. (Of course, it was so obvious that Derek did most of the cooking during their waterfall challenges, and how on one occasion, the guys were all agreeing on how Derek had to survive or they would starve, lol.)

Jun Ya’s cousin, Henry, also launched his YouTube channel to teach English with his daughters called Learning With Henry. There was an episode where they did a crossover with Jun Ya and it was really funny. (Go here for Henry’s version and here for Jun Ya’s version.) What’s the difference between the versions? Henry’s focused on the English part while Jun Ya focused on the journey outside. Jun Ya’s nieces were so cute though, lol. Their sass was also to-notch, especially the questions, lol. Then I wondered if they got influenced by their father or Jun Ya’s attitude at times, lol. Anyway, not to troll but it was supposed to be teaching English after all, they spelled “sergeant” wrong. They were several other mistakes also, but I think overall, the humorous take of various local cultures was worth it. You learn more about Taiwan if you didn’t know before. Oh yeah, Henry apologized for his terrible singing at one point and then proceeded to end the episode with more terrible singing, lol.

I think the rest of the year sort of deteriorated to the point that I didn’t bother to keep up anymore although I did follow some projects that some people were working on. Yet once again, I want to keep this post on the positive side, so I will stop at that. I would also want to save the drama-related news for future updates.

Side-Note: I will not be doing tags update for this year since my lack of updates for last year sort of said a lot that they barely moved.

*Images Credit: from the Facebook pages of Calvin Chen, Joanne Tseng, Ehlo Huang, Leon Jay Wiliams

No Regrets for Loving You by Ming Dao and Jacky Chu

Song Title: No Regrets for Loving You (不後悔的決定)

Lyrics by: Toro (郭葦昀) and Ke Cheng Xiong

Music by: Jeon, Hae Seong

Producers: Ke Cheng Xiong (柯呈雄) and VJ-James Chu (祝鏘博)

Bold = Original Lyrics
Faded Blue = Pin Yin
Blue: Jacky
Green: Ming Dao
Faded Rose: Chorus

跟在你左右 看每一個笑容
gen zai ni zuo you   kan mei yi ge xiao rong
Accompanying you left and right, seeing each of your smile
Theo sát bên em, nhìn thấy được từng nụ cười của em
你像個小偷 偷偷偷走我的夢
ni xiang ge xiao tou   tou tou tou zou wo de meng
You’re like a thief, secretly stealing away my dreams
Em giống như kẻ trộm, đã lén lút đánh cắp đi giấc mộng của tôi
好久沒有 這麼幸運 看見了愛
hao jiu mei you   zhe me xing yun   kan jian le ai
It has been so long since I’ve been this lucky to see love
Đã lâu lắm rồi tôi mới được hên như vậy mà gặp được tình yêu

I love U 這不是祕密 早握在我手心
i love you   zhe bu shi mi mi   zao wo zai wo shou xin
I love you! It’s no secret that it’s already within my hands
Tôi yêu em! Đó không phải là bí mật vì nó đã sớm nằm trong tầm tay của tôi rồi
jia le dian yun jia dian tian mi zuo cheng yi dao cai hong
Add a patch of cloud and a drop of honey to make a rainbow
Thêm vào một cụm mây và một giọt mật ong để kết thành cầu vồng
看見你正在看著我 連時針分針都忘了轉動
kan jian ni zheng zai kan zhe wo   lian shi zhen fen zhen dou wang le zhuan dong
Seeing you looking at me, even the hour and second hands have forgotten to turn
Thấy được em đang ngắm nhìn tôi, ngay cả kim đồng hồ cũng đã quên chuyển động

lao tian bao you   keep on loving you
Heaven blessed me to keep on loving you
Trời cao phù hộ cho tôi để mà tiếp tục yêu em
拿 一顆心 一課意 深深愛你
na   yi ke xin   yi ke yi   shen shen ai ni
Using one heart and one thought to love you deeply
Dùng một tấm lòng và một ý niệm để mà yêu em một cách sâu đậm
jiu zhe yang   keep on loving you
Just like that to keep on loving you
Cứ như vậy mà tiếp tục yêu em
愛 給了你 給了我 一次深深不後悔的決定
ai   ge le ni   gei le wo   yi ci shen shen bu hou hui de jue ding
Love has given you, given me a profound opportunity of a decision that will not be regretted
Tình yêu đã đem lại cho em, đem lại cho anh một lựa chọn sâu sắc mà ta sẽ không hối hận

你 不得不信 這 一定是天意
ni   bu de bu xin   zhe   yi ding shi tian yi
You shouldn’t doubt that this is all Heaven’s will
Em không thể không tin rằng đó là ý trời
zai zhe mang mang ren hai jing ran he ni xin dian gan ying
That you and I have this telepathic connection within this vast sea of people
Bất ngờ rằng trong biển người mênh mông, đôi ta lại có thể tâm linh cảm ứng với nhau
看見你也正看著我 這多麼不可思議的奇遇
kan jian ni ye zheng kan zhe wo   zhe duo me bu ke si yi de qi yu
Seeing that you’re also looking at me, this unfathomable fortuitous meeting
Thấy được em cũng đang nhìn vào tôi, đây đúng là một cuộc kỳ ngộ

lao tian bao you keep on loving you
Heaven blessed me to keep on loving you
Trời cao phù hộ cho tôi để mà tiếp tục yêu em
拿 一顆心 一課意 深深愛你
na yi ke xin yi ke yi shen shen ai ni
Using one heart and one thought to love you deeply
Dùng một tấm lòng và một ý niệm để mà yêu em một cách sâu đậm
jiu zhe yang keep on loving you
Just like that to keep on loving you
Cứ như vậy mà tiếp tục yêu em
愛 給了你 給了我 一次深深不後悔的決定
ai ge le ni gei le wo yi ci shen shen bu hou hui de jue ding
Love has given you, given me a profound opportunity of a decision that will not be regretted
Tình yêu đã đem lại cho em, đem lại cho anh một lựa chọn sâu sắc mà ta sẽ không hối hận

zhi yao zhuan shen wo men ke neng cuo guo na ai qing
If we turned around, we could have missed this chance of love
Chúng ta chỉ cần quay mình thôi thì có lẽ đã bỏ lỡ cuộc tình này
cuo guo bi ci xiang ai de yun qi
We could have missed the chance of loving each other
Đôi ta có lẽ đã bỏ lỡ một thời yêu nhau
老天保佑我 做你的Angel
lao tian bao you wo   zuo ni de angel
Heaven blessed me to be your angel
Trời cao phù hộ cho tôi để làm thiên sứ của em
一直在 守護著那愛情 I’m loving U
yi zhi zai   shou hu zhe na ai qing   i’m loving you
To keep on protecting this love, I’m loving you
Để tiếp tục mà bảo vệ cuộc tình này, tôi sẽ tiếp tục yêu em

oh   tian bao you   keep on loving you
Oh, Heaven blessed me to keep on loving you
Ôi, trời cao phù hộ cho tôi để mà tiếp tục yêu em
Oh 我愛你 你愛我 一次夠不夠
oh   wo ai ni   ni ai wo   yi ci gou bu gou
Oh, I love you, you love me. Just once, is that enough?
Ôi, tôi yêu em, em yêu tôi. Chỉ một lần thôi, có đủ không?
zhe yang   keep on loving you
Just like that to keep on loving you
Cứ như vậy mà tiếp tục yêu em
Oh 就是你 就是我 己深深的愛過就是你
oh   jiu shi ni   jiu shi wo   ji shen shen de ai guo jiu shi ni
Oh, it’s you, it’s me. It’s you who I have loved so deeply
Ôi, chính là em, chính là tôi. Em chính là người mà tôi yêu một cách sâu đậm

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

183 Club Reunion: November 2017

(image credit: Ehlo Huang’s Facebook page)

This happened like in mid-November, but I was caught up with other stuff so I didn’t update. Anyway, it finally happened! All five of them managed to meet up again. Ehlo was excited when he shared the pictures on his wall, lol.

183 Club Reunion: Onstage! – Part II

Not long after I updated last time, Ehlo shared two more videos of them singing “A Date So Sweet” and “One Umbrella.” And interestingly, Ming Dao jumped off the stage during “One Umbrella” to drag Angel Wang on to the stage with him, joining the rest of them in the spotlight.

*All images were from Ehlo Huang‘s Facebook and Ming Dao‘s Weibo.