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Healing Love: Poster + New Stills

Recently, they released a new poster of the drama and shared more stills. I’m still not sure when they’re airing, but I’ve been anticipating it.

*Images credit: Weibo

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The Handsomest Men of the (Ancient) World

(image credit: as marked)

I just stumbled upon this MV and couldn’t help but share. (Click here for the original on Weibo and here for Vietnamese subs of the song.) The song is Zhang Jie’s “Tian Xia.” I used Ken’s picture because that was where I first saw the video being shared.

Anyway, did you see your favorites in here?

Mainland China Entertainment, Qiao Zhen Yu

Healing Love: A Qiao Zhen Yu and Wallace Chung Collaboration

I saw the news of the two collaborating the other day on one of the fan pages but I didn’t really believe it. I meant I know they collaborated in the past already but thought I hunt down for more legit sources. A quick check on Weibo clarified matters even more since the official page was already created for the drama and pictures were added.

So excited! They’re two of my favorites so it’s good news for me. I tried to search around some more to see if it was adapted from some novel–like it was with the majority of the dramas of recent, but haven’t found anything yet. Looking forward to the drama anyway.

The female lead is Lolita Wang. I haven’t seen her in anything that I could remember so I’ll look forward to her performance also.

*Images credit: Weibo