Blog: To Do List

Okay, so I thought I keep a little tab on things and let on with what I’m currently doing as in blog posts and whatnot.

Songs To Be Translated:

  • Where You Are (有你的地方) – Chris Wang
  • A Date So Sweet – 183 Club
  • Discover Love (發現愛) – Alex To
  • Discover True Love (發現真愛) – 183 Club
  • Bai Bai De (白白的) – Angela Chang
  • That Year (那一年) – Nicholas Teo

Music Reviews: I actually need to re-organize my music collection again.

  • Kevin Cheng’s It’s A Long Story
  • Calvin Chen’s It’s Still Summer
  • You Sheng’s Mr. Perfect?
  • Elisa Lin’s Adventures Music Journal
  • Nicholas Teo’s Long Vacation
  • Nicholas Teo’s To Be…
  • Angela Chang’s Head Over Heels

Movies Reviews:

  • Linger
  • Tea Fight – YES, I meant to do this a long time ago but I kept getting into other obsessions. Major apology to Vic fans!
  • Love You 10,000 Years – I actually haven’t watched it yet though I have the DVD, lol. Talking about being behind.
  • Dancing Without You – Again, still haven’t watch though I got it.
  • Magic To Win – Got this a while back.
  • Citizen King – Johnson Lee’s movie
  • Sleepless Fashion
  • Any Other Side
  • Saving General Yang
  • Touch of Light
  • Kiasu – Xiu Jie Kai + Dou Hua Mei

TV Series Reviews:

  • Gu Jian En Chou Ji 1984: Part III – OMG, I totally forgot that I didn’t finish posting it. BUT I need to watch the last bit again to remember accurately, lol. However, notice that I divided it into 10-years gap SO hope it wasn’t too much of a cliffhanger.
  • Legend of Star Apple – Episode 6 – YES, need to finish the episode summaries.
  • Love In Penghu – Episode 2 – Placeholder is done BUT actual summaries haven’t been filled yet.
  • Only You (TVB) – Episode 2 – YES, I finally finished it and had some notes, just need to write the posts and post it up, etc.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Episode 1 – NOT on top of my priority list but might as well put it here for tracking purposes.
  • Autumn’s Concerto – Episode 1 – Also the same as the previous but just keeping track here.
  • Bao Qing Tian: Huang Jin Meng
  • Refresh 3+7
  • The Good, The Ghost, And The Cop (隔離差館有隻鬼) – Felix Wong
  • 8 Avatar (八仙全传) – Roger Kwok
  • You Are My Sisters – Hawick Lau & Loura Lou
  • Inspector Gourmet (為食神探) – Kenneth Ma
  • Raising the Bar (四個女仔三個BAR) – Ben Wong
  • Nothing Special Force (雜警奇兵) – Ben Wong & Mandy Wong
  • Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (寒山潛龍) – Kenneth Ma & Selena Li
  • The Legend of Qin (秦时明月) – Lu Yi and Michelle Chen
  • God of War, Zhao Yun (武神赵子龙) – Lin Geng Xin, Jia Qing, Nazha
  • Come On, Cousin – Roger & Joey
  • Secret Battle of the Majesty – Kwong Wah, Erica Choi, etc
  • The Sword Rules – Old Singapore wuxia
  • The Year of the Chameleon – Eric & Joey before MDWAV
  • Love & Again – Alex Fong & Sonija Kwok
  • Angels & Devils – CYF + Tony Leung Chiu Wai
  • Handsome Siblings 2018 – Finally aired, finished it ages already,just need to do review
  • Reunion: Sound of Providence – The Lost Tomb saga rebooted


  • Full Moon Curved Sabre – Prologue

Fan Fiction:

  • Honey In Tea – Chapter 1 – Joe & Janine
  • Payback – Chapter 5 – Xiu Jie Kai, Cynthia, Nic, and Dou Hua Mei
  • Stranded – Prologue – Wallace, Hu Ge, Ray Ma, and others
  • The Business – Chapter 7 – Wallace, Penny, Van, Tammy, and Enson
  • Poster to-do/re-do:
    • Afraid of Darkness
    • Haunting Past
    • Scheming Nature
    • Slanted Thoughts I
    • The Dating Game 1-6 (ALL 4 POSTERS LOOK LAME TO DEATH)
    • The Other Extreme

Other Randomness:

  • More “Favorite Quotes” posts.

*To-Do List will be updated from time to time OR it will disappear when I finally finish aka all caught up with stuff (LOL)…

Forgotten by Ming Dao and Ehlo Huang

Song Title: Forgotten (遺忘)

Lyrics by: Ke Cheng Xiong (柯呈雄)

Music by: Goran Kralj

Producers: Ke Cheng Xiong and VJ-James Chu (柯呈雄, 祝鏘博)

Bold = Original Lyrics
Dark Teal = Pin Yin
Golden: Ehlo
Green: Ming Dao
Sea Breeze: Chorus

好不好 我想知道 離開我以後 是否很幸福
hao bu hao   wo xiang zhi dao   li kai wo yi hou   shi fou hen xing fu
How are you? I want to know whether you’re really happy since your departure
Em lúc này có khỏe không? Tôi muốn biết em có thiệt sự được hạnh phúc từ khi rời khỏi
忘不了 又得不到 這痛苦 又太清楚
wang bu liao   you de bu dao   zhe tong ku   you tai qing chu
Can’t forget and can’t obtain it. This pain is very clear
Quên không được và đạt không được. Nỗi đau khổ này đã quá rõ ràng

Where are U now? 現在過得好不好
where are you now   xian zai guo de hao bu hao
Where are you now? How have you been lately?
Em đang ở đâu? Lúc này sống có tốt không?
I’ll be home 等待你的回答
i’ll be home   deng dai ni de hui da
I’ll be home, waiting for your response
Anh sẽ ở nhà mà đợi câu trả lời của em

Don’t say Good-bye 等你回來
don’t say goodbye   deng ni hui lai
Don’t say goodbye. I’m waiting for your return
Đừng nói lời chia tay. Anh đang đợi em quay lại
突然的離開 叫我如何能釋懷
tu ran de li kai   jiao wo ru he neng shi huai
How could I forget since your sudden departure?
Em đột nhiên rời khỏi. Bảo anh làm sao mà quên đi được?

我會更勇敢 只要你回來
wo hui geng yong gan   zhi yao ni hui lai
I’ll be braver, only wishing that you would return
Anh sẽ càng dũng cảm hơn, chỉ mong em quay trở lại

Where are U now? 現在過得好不好
where are you now   xian zai guo de hao bu hao
Where are you now? How have you been lately?
Em đang ở đâu? Lúc này sống có tốt không?
I’ll be home 等待你的回答
i’ll be home   deng dai ni de hui da
I’ll be home, waiting for your response
Anh sẽ ở nhà mà đợi câu trả lời của em

Where are U now? 別再假裝記不了
where are you now   bie zai jia zhuang ji bu liao
Where are you now? Don’t pretend that you don’t remember
Em đang ở đâu? Đừng giả vờ rằng em không nhớ được
我的好 被你統統都遺忘掉
wo de hao   bei ni tong tong dou yi wang diao
My well-being has been completely forgotten by you
Cuộc sống của tôi đã bị em quên đi hết rồi


Where are U now? 現在的你好不好
where are you now   xian zai de ni hao bu hao
Where are you now? How have you been recently?
Em đang ở đâu? Lúc này cuộc sống em sao rồi?
不重要 你己不再愛我
bu zhong yao   ni ji bu zai ai wo
It’s not important. You no longer love me
Không quan trọng nữa. Em sớm đã không còn yêu tôi
Where are U now? 別再假裝作你忘啦
where are you now   bie zai jia zhuang zuo ni wang la
Where are you now? Don’t pretend that you’ve forgotten
Em đang ở đâu? Đừng giả vờ rằng em đã quên đi hết rồi
我的好 早就被你都遺忘掉
wo de hao   zao jiu bei ni dou yi wang diao
My well-being has already been forgotten by you
Cuộc sống của tôi sớm đã bị em lãng quên rồi

Where are u? U took it away from me
Where are you? You took it away from me
Em đang ở đâu? Em đã lấy đi hết tất cả của tôi
I will hold on forever more
Tôi sẽ tiếp tục chịu đựng cho đến tận cùng
別擦去 這最美好的過去 我們相愛過的記憶
bie ca qu   zhe zui mei hao de guo qu   wo men xiang ai guo de ji yi 
Don’t wipe away that beautiful past, our past loving memories
Đừng xóa đi những dĩ vãng tươi đẹp kia, những kỷ niệm mà chúng ta đã từng yêu nhau

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

2020 Recap

Okay, it’s over but, of course, we would be deceiving ourselves if we think that would mean all the troubles of the previous year were gone by some magic barrier of time or something. So, I’m just going to recap all of the positivity that happened this past year. Because there was enough of the bad news already, right?

First off, Qiaoru announced their happy news at the beginning of the year. Many friends and fans sent them well-wishing. It was indeed a shocker to some, but all in all, it was a piece of hopeful news for the beginning of the year. (Click here for specific translations of the news.) Oh yeah, for all Qiaoru fans who stuck it through, we got bragging rights, eh? LOL! (Kidding!)

Then right on April Fool’s Day, Ehlo chose that eventful day to tell us that he got married like in 2018 already. Congrats to him for dodging the paparazzi for so long. Leave it up to him to announce it on his birthday, right? Ehlo’s wife is Cai Yi Zhi (蔡ㄧ支). According to her profiles, she’s from Hawaii, but I can’t confirm other information, lol. They’re sooo cute, by the way. I saw some of the interactions he posted and I laughed so hard. They’re a match made in heaven all right. Also, they’re one of those people who created an Instagram account for their dog. Not judging, lol. I enjoyed the posts, lol. They adopted the dog in 2019—according to the profile information and named her Bao Zhu (寶珠). The funniest thing was that Jacky had called Ehlo “Yu Rong Ge” in his congratulation clip to the blissful couple. I know we all know Jacky’s younger than Ehlo. But for Jacky to not try and gain an upper hand with Ehlo? Was it the effects of 2020? Or because I missed something?

By June, news broke that Ming Dao had become a father. He, of course, got married already. He also hid it well from the paparazzi. Team 183 Club 2, Paparazzi 0. To be honest, I didn’t know about the news either. But Leon posted a congratulations message on his page, so I went hunting for news, lol. I went to stalk the other 183 Club members too and they also congratulated Ming Dao, of course. Jacky even bragged about how his prediction came true that Ming Dao was the first one to have a kid. Anyway, Ming Dao got married in 2019. His wife is Wang Ting Xuan (王婷萱). She was a member of a band called KISS. I went and searched around a bit and saw that the group disbanded already. Oh yeah, to be fair, the paparazzi did catch them before and asked if they were dating and they replied that they were just friends, lol. I’m all for people who deceive the paparazzi. So, my previous declaration about the scores stands. Regardless, congrats to them once again!

Aside from those, Jun Ya launched his YouTube channel to share his various adventure trips called Sergeant Will Take You There, which was a reference to his role in Rookies’ Diary. (It was a while back but I just didn’t have time to go check it out yet.) They’re both informative and fun to watch. For example, there was a segment where he filmed with some of his close friends, which included Ehlo, Derek Chen, Kurt Chou, Kai Hsu, and Liang Zhe. (Click here, here, and here to check out the clips.) What was really funny about the first clip was them performing the intro to “Enticing Trick.” The final reveal was Ehlo because he had his back to the camera initially. It was a funny one because they messed up on the band’s name when they tried to introduce themselves. Derek scolded them for getting it wrong. It was hilarious and brought back a lot of fond memories of 183 Club in general. Also, it was really funny that when they introduced themselves, they were disclosing their heights. Kurt even disclosed his weight. Derek made a comment about how he should just disclose all his measurements as well, lol. (Probably hinting at how they would disclose their measurements during beauty contests, lol.) What got everyone hysterical was how Ehlo said he was an actual member of the 183 Club band, but he was only 178 cm. (Again, I love him! But that was hilarious!) Everyone picking on Kai because he was the youngest, lol. Not really, but Jun Ya was making a comment about him being young and being able to beat the challenge, lol. Hey, it wasn’t Kai was going to take it from them, because he called them “elders” at various points of the segment. (Click here if you want to watch the whole challenge at one go from Kai’s channel. Since it’s his channel, he would be the main narrator of the clip. Also, he misplaced his GoPro during the third waterfall jump and had to go back and retrieve it later. If you watch Jun Ya’s version, you couldn’t tell the difference except there was a pause and they were yelling about it and weren’t able to find it. He went back later with another diver and they managed to locate it at last but, of course, since the GoPro sank already, he wasn’t able to record some of the later events after his own jump.) The weather was cold the time they were there hence their jackets. Jun Ya disclosed Ehlo’s marital status in the second clip, but I guess if anyone who watched wasn’t paying attention, they didn’t realize it or thought the guys were joking. This clip was loaded in December 2019, so it was before Ehlo announced it in April. (Someone has a bigger mouth than Jacky, lol.) Anyway, those were really fun episodes to watch and I won’t spoil it anymore. So enjoy!

Regarding YouTube channels, Derek Chen had launched his awhile back (Xiao Lie’s Cook Show) but I didn’t bother updating so this is a back update for several of them. It’s a cooking channel, mostly, and the first video was loaded six years ago, but I think he either forgot about it or the circumstances of last year hence him getting back into it more actively. (Go here if you want to check it out.) He and Jun Ya are actually closer than some of the others so there was another outing that they did together. (Go here for Derek’s version, here for Jun Ya’s version, and here for Xiao Fei’s version. The other guy talking during the challenge is Xiao Fei, he has his own channel also. They were doing another cross show. It was another fun watch.) Anyway, I remember a clip that Jun Ya shared like awhile back and how passionate Derek was about cooking and his pro tips. So both guys not only shared their adventurous side but also their cooking skills. Jun Ya referred to Derek as “Chef” on many occasions, so it was his own acknowledgment of Derek’s talent. (Of course, it was so obvious that Derek did most of the cooking during their waterfall challenges, and how on one occasion, the guys were all agreeing on how Derek had to survive or they would starve, lol.)

Jun Ya’s cousin, Henry, also launched his YouTube channel to teach English with his daughters called Learning With Henry. There was an episode where they did a crossover with Jun Ya and it was really funny. (Go here for Henry’s version and here for Jun Ya’s version.) What’s the difference between the versions? Henry’s focused on the English part while Jun Ya focused on the journey outside. Jun Ya’s nieces were so cute though, lol. Their sass was also to-notch, especially the questions, lol. Then I wondered if they got influenced by their father or Jun Ya’s attitude at times, lol. Anyway, not to troll but it was supposed to be teaching English after all, they spelled “sergeant” wrong. They were several other mistakes also, but I think overall, the humorous take of various local cultures was worth it. You learn more about Taiwan if you didn’t know before. Oh yeah, Henry apologized for his terrible singing at one point and then proceeded to end the episode with more terrible singing, lol.

I think the rest of the year sort of deteriorated to the point that I didn’t bother to keep up anymore although I did follow some projects that some people were working on. Yet once again, I want to keep this post on the positive side, so I will stop at that. I would also want to save the drama-related news for future updates.

Side-Note: I will not be doing tags update for this year since my lack of updates for last year sort of said a lot that they barely moved.

*Images Credit: from the Facebook pages of Calvin Chen, Joanne Tseng, Ehlo Huang, Leon Jay Wiliams

In Love, There’s No Wrong Party by Jacky Zheng

(Credit:大長城多媒體有限公司 Great Wall Multimedia Co.,Ltd.)

Song Title: In Love, There’s No Wrong Party (愛情里沒有誰對誰錯)

Music & Lyrics by: Tu Ba (巴圖)

Bold = Chinese
Green = Pin Yin
Royal Blue = English
Teal = Vietnamese

我還來不及 做好準備
wo hai lai bu ji   zuo hao zhun bei
I’m almost done with getting ready
Tôi xém chút nữa đã chuẩn bị xong
約定就己經開始 作廢
yue ding jiu ji jing kai shi   zuo fei
The date almost started yet got canceled
Cuộc hẹn hò sắp sửa bắt đầu mà lại bị hủy bỏ
都說愛情是 彌足珍貴
dou shuo ai qing shi   mi zu zhen gui
Everyone say that love is extremely precious
Ai cũng nói rằng tình yêu rất là trân quý
現在感覺里 只有苦味
xian zai gan jue li   zhi you ku wei
At the moment, I could only feel the bitterness
Bây giờ cảm giác được chỉ có vị đắng thôi

可是我不會夜夜 流淚
ke shi wo bu hui ye ye   liu lei
However, I wouldn’t shed tears nightly
Nhưng tôi cũng sẽ không vì vậy mà từng đêm rơi lệ
雖然偶爾也 痛徹心扉
sui ran ou er ye   tong che xin fei
Although, sometimes I would still experience heartaches
Tuy rằng thỉnh thoảng tôi cũng cảm thấy rất đau lòng
緣盡了你走了 無法回頭
yuan jin le ni zou le   wu fa hui tou
Fate has faded, you’ve departed, there’s no turning back
Duyên đã tận, em đã đi, không thể nào làm lại từ đầu
我要努力學會 無所謂
wo yao nu li xue hui   wu suo wei
I will work hard to act like nothing happened
Tôi sẽ tích cực học làm như không có chuyện gì

就這樣就這樣 忍住傷悲
jiu zhe yang jiu zhe yang   ren zhu shang bei
Just like that, repressing my pain
Cứ như thế rồi lại như thế, cố nén nỗi đau thương
也許會也許會 感到疲憊
ye xu hui ye xu hui   gan dao pi bei
Perhaps, that’s what led to feeling fatigue
Có lẽ như vậy rồi lại như vậy mới cảm thấy quá mệt mỏi
再給我花開花落 一個輪回
zai gei wo hua kai hua luo   yi ge lun hui
Let me experience the cycle of flowers blossoming and wilting once again
Hãy cho tôi thêm một lần nữa thể nghiệm cảnh hoa nở hoa tàn
你就會在記憶中 慢慢消退
ni jiu hui zai ji yi zhong   man man xiao tui
You will fade slowly from my memories
Em se trong ký ức của tôi mà từ từ phai nhạt đi

不再想不再想 誰是誰非
bu zai xiang bu zai xiang   shui shi shui fei
Don’t think about who is right and who is wrong
Đừng nên nghĩ tới là ai đã đúng và ai đã sai
愛情里並沒有 誰對誰錯
ai qing li bing mei you   shui dui shui cuo
In love, there’s no wrong party
Trong tình yêu, không có ai đúng hoặc sai
再給我春去秋來 一個輪回
zai gei wo chun qu qiu lai   yi ge lun hui
Let me experience the cycle of spring departing and autumn arriving once again
Hãy cho tôi thêm một lần nữa thể nghiệm cảnh xuân đi thu lại
我就會化繭成蝶 飛得更美
wo jiu hui hua jian cheng die   fei de geng mei
I will turn from cocoon to butterfly, flying away beautifully
Tôi sẽ từ kén biến thành bướm và bay đi một cách tuyệt đẹp

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Top 50 Actors and Actresses of 2020

(image credit: as marked)


1. Zhu Yi Long / Chu Nhứt Long

2. Xiao Zhan / Tiêu Chiến

3. Wang Yi Bo / Vương Nhứt Bác

4. Di Li Re Ba / Địch Lệ Nhiệt Ba

5. Allen Ren / Nhậm Gia Luân

6. Jackson Yee / Dịch Dương Thiên Tỉ

7. Tan Song Yun / Đàm Tùng Vận

8. Yang Zi / Dương Tử

9. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying / Triệu Lệ Dĩnh

10. Li Qin / Lý Thấm

11. Ju Jing Yi / Cúc Tịnh Y

12. Zhao Lu Si / Triệu Lộ Tư

13. Roy Wang / Vương Nguyên

14. Luo Yun Xi / La Vân Hy

15. Yang Mi / Dương Mịch

16. Deng Lun / Đặng Luân

17. Wang Jun Kai / Vương Tuấn Khải

18. Li Xian / Lý Hiện

19. Li Yi Feng / Lý Dịch Phong

20. Zhang Ruo Yun / Trương Nhược Quân

21. Lu Han / Lộc Hàm

22. Lay Zhang Yi Xing / Trương Nghệ Hưng

23. Victoria Song / Tống Thiến 

24. Zheng Shuang / Trịnh Sảng

25. Yang Chao Yue / Dương Siêu Việt

26. Jiang Shu Ying / Giang Sơ Ảnh

27. Yang Yang / Dương Dương

28. Hu Ge / Hồ Ca

29. Huang Zi Tao / Hoàng Tử Thao

30. Guan Xiao Tong / Quan Hiểu Đồng

31. Cheng Yi / Thành Nghị 

32. Cai Xu Kun / Thái Từ Khôn

33. Vengo Ko / Cao Vỹ Quang 

34. Jin Dong / Cận Đông

35. Cecilia Liu Shi Shi / Lưu Thi Thi

36. Esther Yu / Ngu Thu Hân 

37. Steven Zhang Xin Cheng / Trương Tân Thành 

38. Song Wei Long / Tống Uy Long

39. Alan Yu / Vu Mông Lung

40. Tiffany Tang Yan / Đường Yên

41. Tong Li Ya / Đồng Lệ Á

42. Regina Wan / Vạn Thiến 

43. Ireine Song / Tống Y Nhân 

44. Gina Jin Chen / Kim Thần

45. Chen Shu / Trần Sổ 

46. Zhang Yi / Trương Dịch

47. Timmy Xu / Hứa Ngụy Châu 

48. Wang Kai / Vương Khải

49. Pan Yue Ming / Phan Việt Minh 

50. Li Yi Tong / Lý Nhứt Đồng

How Could You Allow Me To Be In Sorrow by Michael Wong

(Uploaded by: ying123838)

Song Title: How Could You Allow Me To Be In Sorrow? (你怎麼捨得我難過)

Music & Lyrics by: Huang Pin Yuan (黃品源)

Bold = Original
Burnt Orange = Pin Yin
Orange  = English
Amber  = Vietnamese

dui ni de si nian
Thinking of you
Nhung nhớ về em
shi yi tian you yi tian
Each and every day
Là từng ngày rồi lại từng ngày
gu dan de wo hai shi mei you gan bian
The lonely being that is me, has yet changed
Cô đơn mình anh, chưa hề thay đổi bao giờ
mei li de meng
The beautiful dream
Giấc mộng tuyệt đẹp
he shi cai neng chu xian
When will it appear?
Đến bao giờ nó mới xuất hiện?
qin ai de ni
Dearest love
Em yêu dấu ơi
hao xiang zai jian ni yi mian
I really want to see you once more
Rất muốn gặp lại em thêm một lần

qiu tian de feng
The autumn breeze
Gió của mùa thu
yi zhen zhen de chui guo
It continuously blows by
Cứ từng cơn mà thổi qua
xiang qi le qu nian de zhe ge shi hou
Remembering back to that one time of that past year
Nhớ lại những giây phút của năm ấy
ni de xin dao di zai xiang xie shen me
What was really in your heart?
Trái tim em thiệt sự đang suy nghĩ những gì?
wei shen me liu xia zhe ge jie ju rang wo cheng shou
Why did you leave such an ending for me to bear?
Tại sao lại để lại một kết cuộc như vậy để anh phải chịu đựng?

zui ai ni de ren shi wo
The person whom loved you the most was me
Người yêu em nhứt là anh
ni zen me she de wo nan guo
How could you allow me to wallow in grief?
Sao em nở để anh phải đau lòng?
zai wo zui xu yao ni de shi hou
At that time when I needed you the most
Trong lúc mà anh cần em nhứt
mei you shuo yi ju hua jiu zou
You left without a word
Thì em lại không một lời mà bỏ ra đi

zui ai ni de ren shi wo
The person whom loved you the most was me
Người yêu em nhứt là anh
ni zen me she de wo nan guo
How could you allow me to wallow in grief?
Sao em nở để anh phải đau lòng?
dui ni fu chu le zhe me duo
I’ve done so much for you
Anh đã trao ra cho em không biết là bao nhiêu
ni que mei you gan dong guo
Yet you’ve never been touched
Nhưng em lại không hề cảm động qua

*All translations were done by DTLCT.